cashout PayPal Tutorial Step By Step 2022 From alphabanklog Carders

Cashout PayPal Tutorial Step By Step 2022 From alphabanklog Carders

Cashout PayPal Tutorial Step By Step

cashout Paypal Tutorial Step By Step 2022 From alphabanklog Carders
cashout Paypal Tutorial Step By Step 


After reading this you will know how to cashout HACKED PP ACCOUNTS to a CLEAN PAYPAL or BITCOIN.This method is fresh and really easy.
First off,30% of your success is on good SOCKS5 IP and 70% is on COOKIES.
For good socks, you have two options:
(If you already have experience with PP or Carding you can skip this part)

1º option:

– Sign up on this site
– Pay $10 for the license and decide the
amount of IPs you want.
– Download their software
– Open the software, enter your login and select your desired IP!

2º option

– You can buy IPS here
– After that you can download any VPN you want and use those IPs.
– I recommend this one or this one
After you turn on your VPN, go here to check if its on your desired location, and then go here and click standard test to check if its working perfectly. If its not change your IP.
As I said before, one of the most important things are the cookies.
This will make easier for you if you are trying to cash out multiple PP accounts.
First download Google Chrome Portable here
After you download and extract, make copies of it to the amount of accounts you are gonna use.

You must use one folder for one account, so its easier to manage the cookies.
Put a txt with the account info on their folder so you don’t mess things up.

And of course you are gonna need to buy some hacked PP account.
DON’T buy account with balance, buy accounts with a confirmed credit card/bank account.
Normally the price to accounts with a CC confirmed varies from $1 to $3,don’t pay more than that.
I would recommend buying at least 4 accounts.
If you can buy accounts with unverified emails (yeah, those exist) its better.
Ok! We are ready to go!
Hour and Keyboard input
Sometimes PayPal can be a bitch, because of this make sure your time zone is the same of the State of the PP holder, same goes for the keyboard input (if the accounts is Spanish, your keyboard input needs to be in Spanish)


This method is completely untraceable because we are gonna buy games keys with our hacked PP (Steam, Origin, PSN keys) and sell them again! You could do that with gift cards too, but game keys is way easier to sell.

More preparation!

First find a site that sells games keys that accept PayPal and don’t do confirmation calls.
1. I would recommend buying PSN PLUS cards or a Key to a game that just launched because its easier to sell.
2. Don’t buy more than $300 each time.

Step 1

Get your VPN working and open the Chrome for the account you want to login.
After you login the first time you are ONLY GONNA LOGIN AGAIN WITH THE SAME BROWSER. For example I logged on ” with the
#2 browser, every time I login again is gonna be with #2.

Log to you PP account, and after you successfully login close your browser.
Now this browser has PP cookies, so the next time you login it will recognize your browser.
I recommend waiting at least 5~7 days before trying to buy something.
Read step 2 before doing this, its important.

Step 2

Open the cardable site you found.
Read their FAQ and see how they send the keys.
1.If they send the keys via their site and don’t need verification, create a account with the same email as your hacked PayPal.
2.If they need verification or send your keys via email, create a new email on another provider with the same user.
Them change your PP email to the one you created, confirm, make it primary and wait the 5~7 days to buy something.
Create a accounts on the cardable site with the email you created. Use the PP holder address when creating the account.


P:payPal checks the email you are using on the merchant site, and if don’t match your PP email, most of the time PP will recuse your bought.

Step 3
After 5~7 days you can buy your keys!
For example I bought Battlefield 1 keys since it just launched (its November 2020) and there is a lot of people buying it.
Now that you already have the keys, go to this site and create a legit account (with your real email, etc),you will use this accounts to sell your keys.
Its really simple to sell on G2A.
Just search the game you are selling and click on Sell one like this.

G2A is easy to sell because is automatic, you don’t need to send keys to anybody.
Add only one key per time. If you want to sell more than 1 key repeat the process.
*IMPORTANT* if you are selling more than 1 key, don’t put the price lower than the lowest price on the marketplace.G2A isn’t stupid and will notice if you are selling 10 keys at $40 when everybody else sells at $50.
The money will go to your G2A wallet, and from there you can transfer to PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney or Bank transfer.
After selling some keys and becoming active, you can transfer to bitcoin!
If you want you can try to sell them on eBay too, but its more work since you need to send the keys via email.
After you are finished clean everything just to make sure;
Now repeat the process and make some money!

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