Difference Between Vbv and Not Vbv Card

Difference Between Vbv and Not Vbv Card

VBV is Verified by Visa – a special user authentication protocol from Visa that protects your card against unauthorized use and gives you peace of mind when shopping online and you use CNP (Card Not Present) payments. also, It is the same definition as 3D-Secure (Three-Domain Secure). Secure user authentication protocol for CNP operation. This technology is designed for the security of payment products and services on the Internet. Initially, the protocol was proposed by the VISA payment system but then was adopted with some changes and others. At VISA protocol called Verified by Visa (VbV), from MasterCard – MasterCard SecureCode (MCC), and from JCB International – J / Secure.

Vbv and Not Vbv Card
Difference Between Vbv and Not Vbv Card

This protocol adds an extra step of user authentication at checkout of the online store. The first step is used: the card number, expiration date, name card holder, and authentication of the code (for example, CVC2).

Not all online stores and banks support 3D-Secure. This technology is not mandatory and protects the first point of sale and the bank from fraudulent transactions. If possible, use 3D-Secure, but are not used service (eg, the client card supports this technology, and the online shop is not, or vice versa, the Payment Service is ready to provide authorization for the 3DS, and the client card is not connected to this service), responsible for unauthorized transaction on the party to blame for not 3DS technology has been used.

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