Dumps Balance Checker

Dumps Balance Checker

Dumps Balance Checker
Hi, my Brothers, For the first time, I will give my CC/Dumps Balance Checking Tutorial!

I have made it 1 week ago, sell them to many people so now, HAVE FUN!

Dumps Balance Checker
Dumps Balance Checker



Thanks For Buying My CVV/Dumps Checker!

The method is pretty simple and doesn’t require any Internet Connection,
You will not have to request anyone to get socks or a VPN,
You can do it with a free skype account, Landline Phone, Cell Phone,
Without ANY risk!

Call this number: 1-800-884-2010

It’s about a phone number connected to the merchants all over
the world same as the cashier’s in-store calls then the dump
asks for verification

So, You call the number, Enter the dollars amount,
If you want to check for $1 don’t press 1, press this :
$1 = 100
$10 = 1000


After Following the Instruction!

After that, the robot will tell you to hold and in a maximum of 2-3 seconds it will
give you a response, there are 3 types of answers :
1. Your approval code is: …..-that means the dumps are ok and ready to use.
2. Transaction is declined.-that means no money on it
3. Please hold for an operator-that means dumps is a pick-up

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