Carding from e-cards

Carding from e-cards At its core, the term «Carding» is the theft of money from credit cards. However, in the modern sense it includes a much larger sphere – both Paypal accounts, bank accounts, and e-wallets. It also includes e-cards – for the carder they are almost no different from conventional cards and may in some cases be even more useful.



In carding forums, except for the larger ones, the topic is usually not raised. Our article will tell you about e-cards and what you can do with them.

How are they different?

An e-card is a card issued by a bank or a payment system without physical implementation. It also has a number, a validity period, and a CVV code, but it may not always have a name – they usually have something like Electro-card on them.

For stores, electronic cards are no different – they can also write off money from them and use their data to pay for everything in the store.

The only significant difference is the system on which they operate. They use either Visa Electron or an

analogue from Mastercard. However, almost all stores perceive them in the same way as Visa, Mastercard or Maestro cards.

Also, the difference is a predetermined balance – some cards are issued with a preselected nominal. At the same time, it is enough for you simply to transfer funds from the card to the card – they are withdrawn from the account on which the money is contained.

Where do you get a card like that?

Usually, such cards can be released online – in the account of the banking system. In addition, some payment systems such as Paypal produce them. Issuing such a card is instantaneous – it is enough to order it from the bank.

For a carder such a card can be obtained in two ways – either by purchase from the seller or by

deception to the bank account holder to release it. The last variant for the carder may be the most interesting.

In short, the process is quite simple – you get into the user’s bank account, you order a card, if necessary – you confirm the order by calling the bank. Also, if you need and have complete data, you can add your number to it and use the card completely at your discretion without restrictions.

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