EARNINGS ON YANDEX ZEN Today we will examine income in conditions when there is no cash at all for advancement!

Right now, Zen is attempting to turn into a “mastodon” for imaginative individuals, not just for the CIS nations and the Russian Federation, however to go out into the world. In such manner, its financing is increasing, and capacities and abilities are getting more.



The perspective is the same as with You-Tube, because it was not popular either, and those who posted something there were considered “strange” and wonderful.  But most of those eccentrics are now steadily making money there, and all because they once believed in themselves and mastered new things to realize their potential!

Now this opportunity is given to us by a team from Yandex.  Let’s go figure it out!

Pros of working in Zen:

+ Does not require investments (in material terms)

+ Requires 30 minutes to 2 hours of work

+ Your location doesn’t matter

+ No special skills required


– There is a ceiling for earnings (everyone has a limited time).

– The ceiling, I think, is 150-200k from several channels, devoting 10 hours a day to writing posts (but this can also be delegated to an employee).

– But there are scaling options, and the ability to reach 300-500k.

I recommend reading the book “Write and Condense” to write articles more correctly.

And to start working in Zen it takes 10k minutes of readings (this is really not a lot and is achieved with the right approach in a couple of days, so don’t be alarmed).

Zen Monetization Methods:

+ Yandex itself pays you.

+ You connect an affiliate program (on a topic similar to your channel, so that the audience is as loyal as possible).

+ You can sell ads in the same way as in VK groups.  But no one is doing this yet.


Channel monetization usually occurs on the 5-7th day of the channel’s existence, if you do everything right.  Here are some tips on how to get monetized faster.

I recommend taking screenshots, or taking notes in a notebook, so that new information is better perceived and not to miss anything.

Feature 1.

Channels start shooting when the algorithm (or moderators) clearly understand what your channel plans to write about.  Therefore, try to explain it extremely clearly in the description, without water and abstruse sentences.  Hashtags are best suited for this, for example: # politics # psychology # ufo # humor.  Also, do not be smart with the name of the channel, do not distract the moderators.  Views are multiplied by 10-20-30, as soon as Yandex has identified your topic.

Feature 2.

Take your time with publications, act calmly.  On the first day of the channel’s existence, you need to be extremely careful and attentive.  On the first day, you need to publish 3-4 articles, at the best possible time (read about this below).

After the publications started scrolling and the first impressions appeared, prepare a very cool article, the best one (look at the statistics, which of the previously published ones went better).

Wait until the next day and again, at the best time to post a new article.  A good article will prove to Yandex that the statistics on your channel are growing proportionally.  In the evening, do another very good article based on statistics.

Do not deviate from the topic, do not confuse Yandex – this will only slow down the process and understanding.

Your publications should get 2-4 thousand impressions in the feed, otherwise you most likely chose something wrong.

After several days, such actions lead to the fact that Yandex robots begin to trust your channel and the topic becomes extremely clear.

Impressions should increase to 50-100 thousand.  You are guaranteed a profit if you follow this short instruction.

Feature 3.

Post reviews to your channel wherever you can!  You need completely different users, and not only those whom Yandex has selected for you.  In the first 2-3 days, attract as many users from other sites to your channel as possible.  Any transitions, readings and views prove to Yandex that your materials have become popular on the Internet.  In the first 2-3 days of the channel’s existence, Yandex must understand who your audience is.  It draws conclusions based on everyone who subscribed to your channel and those who liked it.

Each subscriber is like a thousand users, and sometimes more, so each new visitor expands your audience many times over!

(IMPORTANT) In no case, for the first 7-14 days, do not write crap, Yandex may cut impressions and lose confidence in you.  In my experience, it is best to fill in statistics and trust for the first 2 weeks, then write crap, but also very carefully with headings and text.

Chip 4.

Do 50% of your content in advance in your spare time / weekend.  But only after you have brought the channel to monetization do you know all the relevant news in your topic, etc.

We get into the search:

Many large channels already receive up to 30-40% of visitors from Yandex Search.

Your task is to get into Yandex search, you can do this with.


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