Easy Jigs/Methods

Easy Jigs/Methods

Easy Jigs/Methods

So you guys probably already have heard or these, or used these, but I wanted to at least try and contribute some knowledge. I know that all of these work, and can be done quickly and easily.​


LifeProof/OtterBox Jig (Free Products)​

1.Go to https://www.lifeproof.com/en-us/warranty-claim / https://www.otterbox.com/en-us/warranty-claim​

2.Select a Apple case i suggest iPhone X case (sells for the most)​

3.Make a random purchase date​

4.Fill in your Information correctly​

5.Submit the form​

6.Your case should be to you in about 1-3 weeks​

7.To get multiple cases use different emails and different emails and add a period to the end of your address​

Purina Jig ($70 Check)​

Go to Petco website​

Search Purina dog food and find a bag that was worth about $70 (it could be​

more or less it doesn’t matter just make sure its dog food)​

Get the name of the type of food​

Go to https://www.purina.com/contact-us and tell them that you recently​

purchased a bag of dog food and it made your dog very sick and he had to go to​

the vet.​

They will ask a few simple questions about the type of dog or food but relatively​

simple questions that you can answer. TYPE IN ALL OF YOUR REAL INFO BECAUSE THE CHECK WILL BE GOING TO THIS ADDRESS/INFO. If they don’t they’re going to tell you you’re going to need to talk to a rep to solve this. They will ask for your # and call you in a few minutes. I suggest doing this at the night time as the workers are more relaxed and lenient. Once they call pick up your phone and ask how they are doing, how was there day, names etc. Make them feel good. Once your done greeting them tell them that you had a friend of yours purchase whatever type of food it was from Petco about a week ago. The friend part comes in handy you will see why.

Mention that you work 7 days a week 12 hour shifts so you often don’t have time to buy food. Say you paid however much it was. Tell them that you have been feeding your dog purina dog food since he/she was a pup and that although the food is expensive you buy it because your dog likes it very much. Tell them that this time you had a bad experience with the food. Tell them that this time when you fed your dog the food that he/she ate the food like usual but after a hour or 2 they vomited or shitteed it out and was crying and was laying on the floor (lol).

Tell them that then you took the dog to the vet and they told you that he/she is have serious diarrhea and prescribed your dog metronidazole for a week. Tell them that the prescription was expensive. I doubt they will but if they ask for a receipt tell them that you didn’t purchase it your friend did because you work long hours and dont have time to do it. If they ask for a barcode on the bag say that you threw it away because the next day it emitted a awful odor and you or your dog couldn’t stand it.​

The rep should offer you compensation in a check but if they don’t after the previous step say all you would like is a reimbursement for the bag as you don’t have very much money and had to spend money from your saving account that you were going to use to purchase a car so you don’t have to use the bus to go to work everyday on the visit to the pet store (vet, pills, and buy new food). They should offer you a check in the mail and ask for your name and address. Give them the info and your done. Expect check in 2 weeks.​

Chipotle Jig (Free Food)​

Visit https://www.chipotle.com/email-us​

Click “comments + Question”​

Select “Restaurant Feedback” and proceed to select your country, date of visit, time of​

visit, and the rest of your legal info.​

In the message, simply talk about how your recent trip to Chipotle was awful. Say it was​

to loud, food was bad, etc. DO NOT demand a free burrito or anything like that. Don’t be​

to pushy.​

They will email you back saying they are going to send you a card for a free meal.​

Chick-Fil-A Jig (Free Food)​

Go to https://www.chick-fil-a.com/Contact-Support/Send-Feedback​

Once on the page find the “Restaurant Experience” tab and then select continue​

Fill out the form with your address and other stuff so they can send you a free meal​


When you reach “transaction number” write something like “threw away the receipt”​

Down below at the restaurant experience write something similar to the starbucks jig and​

say something, Just be CREATIVE.​

Tide Jig ($25 Visa Gift Card)​

Head over to https://tide.com/en-us/contact-us​

You have 3 choice of contact: Live Chat(simple, quick, my favorite method), Email(takes​

a while so not the best), and phone(quickest but you have to actually talk to someone).​

Make up a story revolving around the tide pods bursting when in use. If you’re feeling​

greedy, you can say that your child took a bite out of one and he got a cold. You may be able to get more money with this on top of the cost of the pods, but also may have to answer some more questions.​

Example: “Hi! I love Tide Pods, despite all the backlash you guys are facing right now… I have been using them for about 5 years, but when I got home from Costco (SAY A DIFFERENT STORE OR THE JIG WILL END) to use them, the pods were bursted and I got soap all over my hand. All of the pods were ruined and I was left with dirty laundry, and my son had a recital that night so it was a bummer considering he had to wear dirty clothes…”​


They may ask you certain questions about where you bought the pods or for a receipt etc. Generate a fake receipt or say you threw it about. Problem solve. Tide is dumb and you can give them a pretty BS receipt and they will take it. If they ask for pictures of broken tide pods, find one online. I’m sure someone will end up sending pics of bursted tide pods as well eventually.​

Marlboros Cigarette Jig ($50 Visa Gift Card)​

You will first need to call the number: 1-800-898-2888 (Open mon-fri 9am-10pm est & sat-sun 9am-5pm est). This is the Marlboro customer support phone number. When you call, you should be directed to an operator. Tell the operator that you are calling about the company Marlboro. You then should get directed to an automated machine. Choose the option QUALITY CONTROL when asked.​

You now should be re-directed to a rep. There is many things that you can tell the rep. I have lots of success with saying this: “I purchased a CARTON (don’t say pack) of cigarettes and they cigs were extremely stale. I’ve gone through a lot of cartons in my day and I was really surprised to get a stale carton. I tried to just suck it up and smoke them but they were honestly so stale that I couldn’t even generate a puff”. You can say whichever store you’d like,

but saying you bought the carton at Walmart will reap high success because a lot of time they do not allow people to return opened cartons. Emphasize how you can’t get your money back and are now stuff with a carton of stale cigs…​

The rep will ask you some general questions about the cigs/ carton. It should be pretty obvious how to reply: Just speak negative about all the things they are asking you about. It may help to have an image of a cig/ carton too.​

The hard part about this jig is that it does require you to verify that you are 21. I recommend just having an ID that is 21+ in front of you in case they ask you questions regarding your age. Sometimes they don’t ask questions, but it’s always better to play it safe.​

After all the rep’s questions, they should ask you how much you paid for the carton. Tell them any amount over $50, but nothing more than $100. They then should ask for your address to ship the prepaid. The prepaid then should arrive in no later than 3 weeks.​

All of these are super easy to do, and will make you some easy loot. The people at Marlboro have started to be bitch about it, and sometimes ask you to send in the “stale Cigs” but if you are nice enough, they will just move past that.​

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions, or if you want more easy Jigs/Methods like this, that dont require any carding or experience.​

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Easy Jigs/Methods

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