Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022

Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022

There are no secrets that you won’t find on the surface web or the dark web without paying $50 for them beforehand, but you can obtain them all for free on our site in this 2022 guide to eCommerce Shopify or Woo-commerce cashouts today.

Even though you’ll get all the information you need for free, you’ll still have to pay for the necessary equipment, and you’ll also need some level of experience or know someone who runs an e-commerce store.

Getting caught by your payment processor and losing all of your hard work and effort is definitely not a newbie’s hustle. If you’re just starting off in 2022, you’re going to get snagged. Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022

Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022

eCommerce cashouts are one of our most profitable side hustles, and we’ve been doing them since 2017.

Anyone interested in getting involved should contact us if they have the funds to do so. We can provide the best of the best eCommerce solutions that cost over $499 for a complete working setup that is ready to accept payments, as well as our experience and mentoring. Contact us if you have the funds to get started, and we’ll take care of the rest.

It should go without saying that we never advocate any sponsored links in our articles, so the opinions we express in them are always based on our own experience and are never swayed by what other people have to say (no offense).

Investing in premium tools is a must for anyone interested in a carding profession, so don’t waste your money on the free versions; they’re completely ineffective.

People who have nothing but time on their hands, whether they realize it or not, have no desire to spend money on anything (whether it’s their fault or not, but that’s a discussion for another day) and so they have no interest in saving time or effort since they have no money to spare.

Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022
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Therefore all the free tools that you ever find are already used and abused to the max, there is no more room left for such tools to serve a hustler like yourself so you will end up wasting time and a lot of effort if you will go down that path.


For those of you who would like to give this a go themselves that’s ok too (we are always busy and pre-occupied). Here are the requirements for  Woocommerce/Shopify cashout:

  • WooCommerce Website

If you are going with WordPress you will need a Woocommerce based theme and then you will fill your website out with items, terms, policies, so on and so.

All in all, you will need to make a fully legitimate WordPress-based eCommerce store.

  • Shopify Website

Those of you who are not tech-savvy may go with this solution as Shopify will host your site for you for $30 per month, but then they will force you to use their Shopify payment solution which runs on Stripe.

You will also need an addon called Oberlo which is also owned by Shopify, it allows you to add items to your Shopify store and still place orders on AliExpress or any site that you may use.

You will get the app for free under their explorer plan because you will not be placing orders in bulk, as a matter of fact, you will not be placing orders at all!

Personally, we do not use Shopify but we are a team of tech-savvy individuals.

Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022

  • VPN + SOCKS5

VPN  is not an option but a must-have requirement as it masks your IP by protecting you in the process.

SOCKS5 on the other hand will make your location appear as the cardholder for the payment processors to believe that you are the cardholder initiating such transaction and therefore getting the approval as a by-product of using the SOCKS5.

  • Credit Cards

You will need high-quality credit cards, when we use to cashout using Shopify (years ago) we noticed that if we or our partners processed a few cards that got declined in any given 24 hours time period that would flag our entire Shopify account.

We used to get automated emails from Shopify which would always boil down to our account being shut down after a manual review for that reason alone, and this was years ago can you imagine what they are like now?

So be smart and extra careful if you are going with Shopify your setup must be top-notch, if your setup is not right or leaking info then Shopify will label the payments that you will receive under a high-risk payments category, and its because they are using Stripe and signed up for Stripes plan to combat credit card fraud.

Those of you who do not understand how browser fingerprinting works you will easily get caught along the way while processing the credit cards you bought from us.

  • Social Accounts

You need social accounts not only to make it look legitimate but also to show that you are running ads for all the traffic and people that are coming to your Shopify product to make a purchase but of course you will be the one who will pretend to be those customers by buying your own products.

Create Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and add them to your eCommerce store whether it’s Shopify or WooCommerce.


In this section, we reveal the steps to cash out from your own eCommerce store.

WordPress Woocommerce setup works best, the free trial Shopify account will work too but if you have no money for the startup we recommend not doing this as WordPress setup will require hosting cost besides the domain, not to mention the theme cost, if you get the nulled theme that may even compromise your entire server and operation, there are so many things to be aware of, so be careful and practice caution with every step along the way or else you will end up wasting time. Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022

This is the reason we recommend you to let us walk you through the whole procedure for $499, it’s a steal for this price.

The Shopify free account lasts for 14 days, and you can switch to the $29 plan that is the cheapest.

The kicker is that you will regain the money 10 X over, not to mention the experience that you will acquire (that is priceless) if you are careful and know what you are doing.

After you set up a Shopify account successfully, get the Oberlo app and a browser.

Use the browser to navigate to AliExpress to select the items you want to add to your Shopify store. Now, use Oberlo to add the items to your Shopify store.

To add dropshipping items to the Shopify store, open the Oberlo app, and click Add To Import List.

Now, the items are moved to the import list of your Oberlo app. Open Shopify, go to apps, and select Oberlo.

Now, navigate to the import list and select and click the import list to customize and add the items to your Shopify store.

Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022

While customizing the items, add the descriptions, and complete other fields appropriately. Finally, click Import to Store for the selected items to be added to your Shopify store. Ecommerce Shopify/Woocommerce Cashout 2022

Once you are done with this, you are now a proud owner of your own eCommerce store.

So it’s time to start buying your own goods pretending that you are the customer with al those cards that you bought from us at


Depending on your setup, whether it’s Shopify or Woocommerce we recommend you having a number of payment processors on your eCommerce store, with WooCommerce you have the flexibility of adding as many payment processors as you like, but with Shopify, you are somewhat at the mercy of Shopify and there are a lot of things that could go wrong before you cash out.

If you’d like us to walk you through the whole process and to teach you our skills you can buy our live masterclass for $299, you will never regret making that investment in yourself.

If you would like us to do your entire setup it will cost $499 and the masterclass is included in that price.

Liked 2022’s Shopify/Woocommerce cashout guide? If so, you can write to us with your thoughts and requests for more articles.

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