FraudFox Tool *cracked

FraudFox Tool *cracked

FraudFox Tool *cracked

FraudFox is the all-in-one tool for user-agent and device spoofing and perhaps the most advanced and fully detailed virtual machine (VM) in its class ever created. For instance, you can use VMWare on a Mac laptop and run it up so that you have a Windows desktop running inside of your Mac environment – giving you access to use programs and features that only Windows employs.
FraudFox Tool *cracked

FraudFox is used mainly for fraudulent credit card transactions online, where the aim is to avoid detection by using a different browser fingerprint than your own.
A browser fingerprint is data that makes a user’s browser experience unique to them. It’s not nearly as unique as an actual fingerprint, but it can narrow down users to a specific subset. For instance, your browser fingerprint may be for the user string that you’re running Mozilla 5.0 with Windows NT 6.1, using Gecko/20100101 and Firefox 38.0. There are many more variables that also make up your browser fingerprint.

More than simple user-agent editing, FraudFox offers a lot more features such as device details manipulation via the VM console, changing the network footprint via obfuscate button, and a lot more. It is also open to further software installations such as a VPN client within the VM to be able to boost up your anonymous browsing.


Virtual Box Version:

  • 1 FraudFox V1.2: Click here to download
  • 2 FraudFox V1.3: Click here to download
  • 3 FraudFox V1.5: Click here to download
  • 4FraudFox V2.0 (latest version): Click here to download

VMWare Workstation Version:

  • 5 FraudFox V1.2: Click here to download
  • 6 FraudFox V1.3: Click here to download
  • 7 FraudFox V1.5: Click here to download.
  • 8 FraudFox V2.0 (latest version): Click here to download.


UPDATE ON 15-OCT-2016: FraudFox VM Files (all versions) was updated so every user can download and import them directly to their virtual machine (Virtual Box or VMWare Workstation).

FraudFox installation is easy and straightforward. Contained within these pages are detailed easy follow instructions that will help you setup FFox using VirtualBox:

  1. Install Virtual Box from here:
    Run Oracle Virtualbox and click on File > Import Appliance. then A tab will appear which will allow you to browse and locate the downloaded FraudFox and load it. After loading it click on next.
  2. You will be taken on to another tab that contains the list of virtual machines and setting contained in the import. Please make sure to check the “Reinitialize the MAC address of all network cards” check box to be able to solve some network issues beforehand. Click on import. A new tab will appear signifying the import process which takes around 2-5 minutes.
    Once the import has finished, your FraudFox VM should be on the left pane of the main Oracle
  3. Virtualbox window along with other listed virtual machines. You can click on it and click on “Start” to start your FraudFox VM.


UPDATE ON 06-MAR-2016: Detailed step-by-step instruction on how to install FraudFox is written HERE


All version of FraudFox is bundled with various features, including:

  • gives a comprehensive list of just some of the variables that FraudFox can spoof.
  • FraudFox uses a hacked version of Flash Player which then can spoof its Version, OS Version, and Screen Resolution. These variables cannot be replicated with any Firefox extension!
  • FraudFox uses custom Browser Extensions that are not available anywhere else, even in Anti Detect!
  • Easy-to-use Profile Management (Import/Export profiles as .fox files)
  • Font spoofing, Plugin spoofing
  • Compatible with every VPN client and SOCKS provider
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux (there are 2 versions for VMWare and VirtualBox)

FraudFox Text Profile (comes from Fullz vendors) contains info captured from the Fullz owner:

  • Flash information
  • Installed plugins
  • Screen resolution
  • User-agent
  • Timezone
  • Keyboard language
  • Do-Not-Track Information

FraudFox’s FOX Profile (file with .fox extensions) also contains info from your browsing session:

  • Generated browsing environment
  • Browsing history
  • Cookies, Flash Cookies
  • Local Storage
  • Generated fonts
  • Generated canvas fingerprint



  • – different fingerprints with different profiles = PASSED
  • – different fingerprints with different profiles = PASSED
  • – different canvas id = PASSED
  • – different values with different profiles = PASSED
  • – different values with different profiles = PASSED
  • – evercookie got deleted when switched profiles = PASSED
  • – different values with different profiles = PASSED


then the Screenshots shown in this post were captured from a cracked FraudFox software:


This Cracking program was cracked and provided by “EvilZone” and “Hack a Day” Hacker Community. You can also download the FraudFox cracking program here: FF User Toolkit. (Password to unzip is “fuckfox”)
NOTE: We recommend you use 7-zip to extract the file in case you have any trouble extracting it.Attachments

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