Free $100 cheque Method from Alphabanklogs

Free $100 cheque Method from Alphabanklogs

FREE $100 CHEQUE Method

FREE $100 CHEQUE Method

The method takes 10 minutes to do.

1) Contact Purina. You can do this via live chat, email, or phone call.
2) Tell them that you recently bought three 31.1-pound bags of Purina Smart-blend (doesn’t matter, choose any food product, any flavor) – and that there was an unusual odor coming from the bags and that they made your dog(s) have diarrhea/vomiting.

3) They’ll ask you where you bought them – literally anywhere will work (Walmart, Petsmart, Chewy,

PetO (Australia), Target (Australia), Amazon, etc. ) and then they’ll ask you how much you paid per bag – say anywhere from between $25 – $30 (USD) per bag.

4) They’ll offer you a refund check for the total purchase amount, just give them your information and you’re all set. Your check should arrive in 3-10 days.
5) Profit
– Don’t do this for over $100, otherwise, they’ll forward your inquiry to a supervisor and you’re more likely to have problems with it.
– This method is still 100% working, sometimes they will ask for a receipt however in which case you can quit there and try again or submit a fake invoice (amazon, etc.)
– It’s also possible that instead of a cheque they will send dog food (free dog food

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