G2A carding method by hackerzhome

G2A carding method by Alphabanklogs

The G2A Carding method is here

❗️First of All What is G2A.com?

G2A is a digital gaming marketplace, where you can buy/sell gaming items/keys/ etc

Let’s go to the point:

1. Prepare valid cards, find some non-vbv bins cards from these countries Iceland, Turkey, Japan, Peru, or using some USA & Canada that can make passwords like this bins 415747, etc [if u use VBV, then ready with all bank detail of the card]

2. Make a new fresh email with card Infos in hushmail.com

3. Prepare & Running VPN, recommend premium VPN many option countries available

4. Find Clean Socks5 same as cards country

5. Set time computer/phone same as cards country time

6. Using Mozilla, put socks5 on it

7. Go to webs, Make an Account with created mail.

8. On the newly created account set a fake phone number that can’t be dialed ( this is important!)

9. After registering wait about 1-2 hours

10. Then make 1 order with under <$100 value,
go to Cart Checkout Choose Payment Choose Skrill

⛔️ when the payment window opens don’t write any cc data, just close it⛔️

11. now click on My Account —> Dashboard —> Brought items and click on the waiting for payment button. Now a new window will open that will require cc info. type it there and click pay

12. After that is done game key will be sent to you on provided email ( when you registered)

❗️This is my personal [@cyberghost7] method. I tried this method and got successful some days back.❗️
If anyone wanna copy this then give credits and do it

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