Hacking tools: pc keylogger, mac keylogger, mobile keylogger

Hacking tools: pc keylogger, mac keylogger, mobile keylogger

Hacking tools

Hacking tools: pc keylogger

Keylogger software is used to monitor or record all activities occurring on a computer. This software is installed directly by the user who wants to perform the monitoring – rather than hiding it on top of another software installation.
The following links would be helpful. They offer full reviews of keylogger software.Mac Spy Software
– Stealth and undetectable monitoring
– Keystroke logging, Website recording
– Screenshot & application monitoring
– Email logging, receive logs by Email
– Ftp support, upload logs to FTP
– No need admin password to install(Standard Edition only)
– Record Passwords (Professional Edition only)

Remote Desktop Spy
– Spy on the remote desktop steathly.
– Take control of the keyboard and mouse remotely.
– Logs the name, time and also duration of every program used.
– Records a keystroke log of what the user typed into each program.
– Saves regular screenshot images of the users desktop.
– Records the title and URL of every web page visited.
– Keeps a log of all folders and files created, renamed, moved or deleted.
– View the logs in real-time from another PC.
– Watch a live image of the users desktop without them knowing.

Mobile Spy Software
– Log incoming and outgoing number with duration and time stamp.
– Log every text message, including full text.
– Record URLs visited by the mobile.
– Show summaries of all activities along with separate viewers.
– Uploads the data instantly before erasing.
– View logs online without touching your iPhone.

Nowadays, the soaring development of technology make our life more and more wonderful, computer becomes an indispensable part of everyone’s daily life. So how to make the most appropriate use of it? also We need the help of spy software.
BUT NOTE: Be sure the machine you install spy software belongs to you, or you will be landed in to court!

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