how to card amazon new method

How to card Amazon – New method

How to card Amazon – New method

CleAn DNS cAche by pressing windows key + R; type cmd in the box And type ipconfig/ flushdns
Clear your cookies using CCleaner ChAnge your computer time zone to thAt of the cArd holderʼs Connect your VPN or socks5
or A11 or RDP As well As your user Agent, locAtion must mAtch the state or city of the cc holder CreAte An emAil using
the sAme nAme As thAt of the cc holder eg; if your cc holder nAme is Lord GyAmfi, creAte An emAil like(Contact 607922786)
[email protected] Use the emAil to creAte An Account At Amazon If you want to shop electronics for instance A  laptop, Add some expensive
lAptop to your cArt ReAd the reviews And do some comparisons with other products(this is just done to kill some time And to pose As A reAl buyer) Add more items to your cArt for the totAl to be Above $1,000 Add An item ranging from $10-$50 to the cArt As well Sign out from the Account And put your computer or the virtuAl mAchine to sleep for

About 6hrs Come bAck to your computer After 6hrs And login to AmAzon but making sure your socks, VPN or proxy is still working Now go to your cArt in AmAzon SAve All the expensive
items for lAter And leAve the least expensive item in the cArt Checkout the item but mAke sure the shipping is the sAme

As thAt of the billing Address Log out AgAin WAit for An hour And log bAck in Go to your orders And cAncel the order AmAzon will tell you they were preparing to ship your item

but theyʼd try their best to cAncel it Account trusted now Go bAck And Add the mAin product you want to shop to Cart Checkout out but now shipping must be thAt of your drop (where you want the item to be shipped) And billing As the cc holder, then sign out

Donʼt sign into the Account AgAin, All you had to do is to check your emAils dAily for An updAte Bingo Item will be shipped within a few days
After the item ships, log back into your Amazon Account And shop more

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