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We give understanding administrations and free clinical assessment dependent on the test outcomes. There are a great deal of research facilities these days, dissects there are carelessly dispersed with entire carts. They are given to individuals in printouts or by email. mail.

The results usually reflect the level of some indicator, for example, the number of red blood cells, and an indication is given whether this is the norm or deviation from it.  Then people with the result bring down an appointment with the doctor who appointed the study.  And here stupidity often begins, because if a therapist is in a polyclinic (well, or a neuropathologist / surgeon, etc. in the same place), then these analyzes are always not looking for a problem for, but purely according to a template like “it should be done, here we are.”



We advertise ourselves as, say, a kind of association of highly qualified specialists “Space medicine for the right treatment.”  We print ourselves, stupidly on a printer, flyers with text such as: an independent expert assessment of test results with the formation of individual recommendations for treatment and prevention.  and  list what analyzes we estimate, set a LOW price, around 150-200 rubles. HOW TO EARN FROM CONSULTATIONS

We take the most popular types of research: general blood, blood biochemistry, hormones, urine / feces, sugar, etc.  In the leaflet, a phone number is required, mail, as the person who picks up the phone is personally called Avtandil Moiseevich, for example, the director there or the chief specialist.

Channels: by mailboxes in the entrances, spam in social networks in our region, in polyclinics we lay out in waiting areas.

IMPORTANT!  There is no need to go to the whole country or even to remote regions, start from your specific place of residence, below I will explain why.

How to evaluate test results?
There are a lot of commercial medical laboratories on these Internet sites that, for the sake of self-promotion, place automatic calculators of indicators on their websites.  Trample your finger on Klava, and you will be happy!  Try to find several such labs, preferably with round-the-clock support just in case, and more impressive, of course.

It will be very useful to have familiar doctors, you never know, you suddenly have to seek advice.

Now about the business process itself
Fucking, hemorrhoid, bitch.  In the sense that after the first spread of about 200 leaflets in the boxes, not a single appeal at all.  I got sad, I came up with the idea that the topic was rotten, I invented some kind of fucking thing.  Spam VKontakte and od, and fb, and inst – also zero.

Three weeks pass, I think, but it cannot be!  I rushed to the clinic at my leisure, scattered leaflets, I was dull in the corner, I saw who would

take it.  also In general, almost no one takes it, there and without me everything is littered with some kind of advertising.  And my leaflets are inconspicuous, on a white piece of paper.  In general, for an hour I was stuck there, I saw that a couple of men had taken the leaflet out of boredom, a grandma and a young girl.  Everything …. go home …

A couple of days later, a call: a young female voice (that girl maybe?) Asks if it is possible to see the baby’s tests and what I will advise.  Ka-aa-it’s normal!  then He sends it by mail, I look, I connect a doctor I know, I send it.

20 minutes, kiwi money is falling.  Then I called my mother again, gave orally instructions, aroused, so to speak, more confidence.

Asks: “can a friend recommend you?”  Fuck you!  And then it hit me!  Bitch word of mouth is our everything!  Immediately I tell a doc I know to recommend to my patients to apply, because “there are experts, all people in positions not lower than the head, candidates of medical science and professors.”

And slowly it went, it went.  Most of the clients are grannies and young mothers with endless snotty backgnaws.  I no longer advertise, only in VK and OD.  A sundress is working, darling.

Now I’ll explain why you don’t need to go to a remote region: it happens that some, well, quite a

few, there are not many of them, but there are patients, well, they want to see the doctor personally, just die!  also Psychology, your division.  But after such a meeting

and listening to complaints from this grandmother about everything, positive infa will fly like a bullet on the sundress.

Later, he just expanded the range of services – also he added a second reading of roentgenograms and all kinds of tomography.  In the net, such services cost a lot, for example, a second MRI reading is somewhere from 1500 to 3500 money.  Well, I bet three times cheaper. HOW TO EARN FROM CONSULTATIONS

It took about five months to build the circuit.  A lot.  But then he didn’t invest a dime and worked comfortably in his field.  Average profit – 7000 rubles per week.  Normally, I think, without leaving the working computer, without spending time free from the main work.

It turned out almost such a zemstvo doctor, like a family doctor.   many people believe, and it is not unreasonable, that doctors in medical institutions deal with them like that, casually.  And here you have a personal doctor.  And not expensive.  Beauty.

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