How to easily obtained Bitcoin and how any newbie can too

How to easily obtained Bitcoin and How any newbie can too

How to easily obtained Bitcoin.

How to easily obtained Bitcoin

Hello, carding boys and gals,

As I stated in my introduction, I’m very new to carding.

Been reading a lot about it for a week or so now. After weeks of research, I got to find this website.
and got to find that the first step is getting some real CC to play with. And in order to get CC from
vendors, I had to get BITCOIN.

I’m a techie in real life but the above step felt like climbing the wall that separated the 7 kingdoms from
the wildlings in GOT. But I just did it anyway and here’s how you can too:

1. Go to the play store on your phone and download the Luno app.

2. Register with your real email and password or through Google.

3. After your account has been verified it’s time to get some Bitcoin.

4. To get your BTC address to perform the following action:

– Click on the “More” button and click “Receive”
– A prompt will ask you to create an address. When it does, type in “My BTC” or something similar to the address label and click “CREATE”
– This will display a barcode and an alphanumeric red number under.
– Copy the number as this is your Bitcoin address. It’s what people can use in sending you bitcoin.

Now that you have your address to receive BTC. The next step is to get some BTC to buy CC and other stuff

5. Go back to the menu and click on the same “More” button.
6. Next click on “Buy” and “Deposit Money”
7. Know the equivalent you want to spend online. Say you want to buy CC worth $120.
You need to load your wallet with about $122 dollars (yeah, for transaction charges, etc).
For those who don’t know the current exchange rate (or are outside the USA), visit to confirm
8. Load money from your bank debit or credit card.
9. After successfully doing that, the equivalent of the money you loaded will be in your wallet.
10. Now you have successfully gotten some bitcoin and created a method to cash out too.
Buy some CC and make shit happen!

Happy carding.

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