How to Get Any Item on Amazon for FREE ( 2022 Tested )

How to Get Any Item on Amazon for FREE (2022 Tested)

Get Any Item on Amazon

How to Get Any Item on Amazon


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1: Register an account with amazon, with your LEGIT information.
2: Go to
3: Set up a trade-in order for an Xbox 360 or similar electronic.
4: Select “Do not send the item back if damages”
5: Select: “Use my own shipping/courier”
6: Wait 7-10 days and go to their live chat saying how you just got the delivery also confirmation email, yet you made the trade-in around 30 days ago and haven’t received the gift balance.
7: Wait 1-24 hours for them to email you then after talking to their manager
8: You should also get an email that looks like this

My name is XXXXX, the adviser you spoke with today.  I’m sorry you haven’t received and also your payment for Transaction ID TRE-721*897-********-1 yet. Due to the amount of time that has passed, the item may have been lost during delivery. Upon further investigation after our phone call, I have spoken to my team lead and I have been authorized to grant a one-time exception.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. I’ve now issued a concession for the total amount of your lost trade-in items – £111.00, which you can also use towards your future purchase.

NOTE: If they require you to send them a copy of the confirmation email, you also will need to edit this confirmation picture:

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