How to get apple watch series 5 for free!


How to get apple watch series 5 for free!

How to get apple watch

How to get apple watch series 5 for free!

Hello folks! How are you doing? I’m Ayden and today I want to teach how to get a Apple Watch SERIES 5 for free. then This was tested by me several times and working 100%! It DOES involve refunding (No Apple, Amazon etc, this is the easiest way to get one, anyone can do it), so you’ll need to buy it first. I hope you enjoy my guide and please, leave a like if you do so

1) For this method, we’re gonna to refund As you might know, Apple Watch has a Nike edition, so you can buy that from Nike official store. Nike works WW so that’s cool (There can be some countries where Nike doesn’t sell Apple Watches tho). Order your Apple Watch (I recommend to stick under 500€, so if you want to be safe buy the GPS one, not the cellular. Should be good with the cellular too anyways if you feel confident)

2) Wait for Delivery. REMEMBER! No sign > Fake sign > Normal sign


0) Wait 1 day

1) Call, email or Live Chat Nike support. Calling is way better as you can tweak more with your SE, reps have less time to think etc. Highly recommend calling, as we’re refunding a Apple Watch, not a t-shirt.

2) Tell them that you made a order from that was supposed to arrive yesterday, you were waiting very excited

but finally it didn’t came. Tell them you were like “okey should be tomorrow then” until you saw in your email/app that

the order was “delivered” so you decided to ask support because it didn’t arrive to you.

Tip: The more you bullshit, the easier it will be. Tell them you needed the watch quickly, it was for a gift, or whatever you want, be creative.

3) They will begin a useless internal investigation. For real, they do nothing, they will be like “we’ll launch a investigation with carrier and local authorities” but believe me, they’re too lazy and busy making money, they say that to scare you, just in case.

4) After 5-7 days boom magic you get refunded enjoy your free Apple Watch


0) Wait some hours

1) Again, call/email/live chat Nike support, preferably call them

2) For this method, we’re gonna tell them that the box was empty. Again, bullshit them af. Tell them that you were very hyped and when you finally opened the box you saw it was empty, you thought wtf just happened

3) IMPORTANT This is really important. At some point, the rep will ask if the box seemed tampered. also You MUST tell them that the box was in perfect condition. Be creative, you can tell them before they ask if it was tampered that at first when you opened the box and saw it was empty you thought that your son was pranking you but you realized the box was in perfect condition so it was impossible that your son opened that before. You will answer the rep’s next question with that, probably they will ask “So you are saying that the box was in perfect condition, right?” Tell yes.

4) They will probably ask for some photo of the box with visible shipping label, in my case I ripped the box, took a photo (without visible shipping label but that doesn’t really matter) and told them “I threw it away, I just have one photo that I sent to my brother/friend/whatever when I saw the box was empty and explained him the situation” Actually, you should be fine sending the normal photo with visible shipping label, I just did this that way because I had to (I had no way to take a photo of the box anymore at this point of the refund, long story)

5) Again internal investigation blahblahblah they’ll do nothing blahblahblah

6) Wait 5-7 days and say wtf I got a free Apple Watch Series 5 i must leave a like on that post lmao


Please leave a like if you enjoyed my guide. I really appreciate that.

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