How to get free CC, no need to buy CC in the future

How to get free CC, no need to buy CC in the future

How to get free CC

It is actually stupid to buy CCs and hope to make it as a carder, unless you are not ambitious and want to make a few hundred dollars to buy weed. Buying CCs is not worth it. Here is how simple it is to get a cc in 2020 and beyond.​

1. Because I assume you have no money and want to make money, we will start with the free option; search for a simple fraud page, such as Netflix, Paypal, Apple, Sportify, etc. Most BACKs have been completed, but please rest assured that you are just starting. If you have pocket money, you will have a better choice.​

2. buy a one month hosting plan,Host your scam page inside。​

3. Now we have prepared the SMS and the page, all settings will take you no more than an hour. Then check if the email has a PayPal account.​

4. Return to the site, use the sending software, and create a text message with a link to the fraudulent page. (Warning-do not use short message ID that will cause errors) Use only ordinary numbers​

This is an example of SMS-​

PayPal: Your account was recently logged in from an unknown location. If not, please reset your password here https://xxxxxxxx.Com​

5. Send the SMS and wait for the logs​

6.If you are a novice, it is recommended that you log into the website, Check if your domain name is dangerous or directly use the fraud page of the website, etc.​

If you don’t understand, You can read FAQ​


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