E SELL FRESH CREDIT CARDS FOR CARDING. “Hackers are so cool!” You see this every time you go to a website. You’re amazed by what they do in the movies. If you read this post, your hopes of learning how to hack in 15 minutes will come true.

New Ways To Make Money Hacking in 2022

Start by learning how to figure out someone’s password. If you want to be a con artist or do something illegal, you have to learn how to hack. Dennis Ritchie made the “C” programming language in the 1970s. This was the start of hacking as we know it today. But the phrase was first used in the 1960s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is a private research university.

Note that when I say “hacker,” I’m not talking about script kids who use pre-made software to do small hacking jobs. How to hack money in real life and script kid’s dreams can only go so far. I know that being a hacker is hard, but I also know that even the best hackers today started out with little. You would want to give up in the end. When you feel like giving up, you’re ready to move on to the next level of hacking.

How to Start Hacking

I became interested in figuring out how to hack. In the early 2000s, it only took me 15 minutes. After a year of scripting, programming, and thinking, I left the white hat hacking field. I couldn’t get out of doing a certain task, which was very annoying. I went back to work after three months and did well. Would you like to know which one? Don’t worry until you get there. Maybe you’ll make an app that helps people make money. If you do, I wish you luck as you start.

New Hacking is the process of finding security holes in a computer system or network and using them to get to personal or business information. The use of a password-cracking algorithm to get into a computer system is an example of computer hacking.

Who Are These Hackers, Anyway?

Most hackers usually learn how to code and solve technical problems by using computers, their brains, and other mechanical tools. Hackers can be put into six main groups. Some of them are hacktivists, crackers, scripters, white hats, black hats, grey hats, and so on.

White Hat Hacker

He or she is totally focused on ethics and not on people getting in without permission. I was interested in this, and it’s really cool. White-hat hackers are also called ethical hackers. This section is for people who want to learn how to work as a hired ethical hacker.

Black Hat Hacker

This is the opposite of white hat. The goal is to get unauthorized access to the target, which could be the internet, software, etc.

Grey Hat Hacker

Grey hat hackers are also called black hat hackers. However, he or she shows where a company’s security is weak.


Some movies about hackers show this type of hacker. Hacktivists can either be good hackers or bad hackers. Most of the time, this hacking group tries to bring attention to political issues. These hackers are actually paid, especially when elections are coming up. If you want to learn how to hack for the government, this is the right place for you.


The loudest thing is a cracker. They think they are hackers, even though they aren’t. These are the hackers who say they crack video games, change programs, etc. for money.


Learn to understand that hacker is not the same as class hacker. They are not known as “hackers.” They do their jobs with equipment that was already made, and the results aren’t always perfect. They often pay for the tools and give the people who made them their trade secrets.

In 2022 hacking can be done by a single person or by a group of people. I tell new people to start out in a group so they can learn faster.

How is hacking done?

Since hacking is often shown in movies, everyone thinks it means breaking into a network. Do you agree? In reality, a hacker’s job doesn’t end when they find weak spots in a network that they can take advantage of. Hacking also includes stealing data and breaking into the internet. The two main parts of hacking are getting information and using the news. Getting information is just as much about breaking into servers as it is about getting information.

Websites, business databases, P2P networks, and other things can be hacked. Hey, if someone says they can teach you how to hack in 15 minutes, run away! That’s not hacking, which needs tools that have already been made. In this article, I talk about the basics of how to work as a hacker for the government. You’ll also learn that it takes patience to learn how to be a computer genius or hacker.

1. Choose A Hacking Specialty

You need to decide what kind of hacker you want to be. I wrote down six kinds of hackers. Each of these hackers works hard and eventually makes a good living. People think that ethical hackers have the most money of anyone. No one knows how much money black hat hackers have, but they are rich because of the people they know. So you know, they could also get in trouble with the law. Do you want to learn how to hack in a way that will amaze your friends? Follow your girlfriend around? Or do you want to make hacking your job and make money from it? Also, keep in mind that to do well, you must follow the rules of each specialty.

2. Understanding A Computer’s More Complex Functions

To become a hacker, you need to know a lot about technology. You can do more with a computer than watch movies, make video calls, send messages, play games, edit videos, and make graphics. It can do a lot of things that the company that made it never tells you about. You can only use these features with built-in software or software from a third party.

You should also know how to connect computers to each other. Be careful with DNS, DHCP, IPv4, IPv6, VLANS, NAT, ARP, and other acronyms. Lastly, learn how to use the command prompt to talk to the computer and teach it things. Then, you can keep going if you can change the registry without crashing the system.

3.  Learn To Program

You can’t be a hacker if you don’t know how to code. So if you haven’t learned to code yet, you don’t have to be here. You might want to learn how to hack in just a few minutes. Unless this is the case, you must be able to code. Others say they can teach you how to hack even if you don’t know how to code. It’s true, but does that mean you’re automatically a hacker? Also, if you share your ideas with them, you might encourage them to get better at hacking.

For example, I saw a lot of people crowding around a page that said, “Hack a Facebook Account by Putting Username Here.” Do you think they’ll tell you something like, “Here is the account that was hacked? Even if they figure out how to hack that account, they will never tell you. Learn how to code, understand the rules, and use it to make something. For example, there are many ways to get into someone’s Facebook account. If you use an SS7 attack or a credential harvester like Kali Linux, you also need to know how to code.

4. Make A Language Choice For Programming

There are many different kinds of programming languages. Choose a programming language that you feel comfortable with and learn it well. I would suggest that you start with the C programming language. Most hackers use it, except for those who want to get better. You could break into almost anything with its quick assembly language. Another thing I like about UNIX is that it is written in the C programming language. You could just as well pick C++.

In this guide, I’ll talk about hacking in two different ways: through networks and through databases. First, let’s talk about these two parts of hacking.

5. Write HTML Using WWW

HTML coding makes it possible for to have graphics, writing, and everything else. Open the browser on your computer and confirm if you want to. When you open, right-click on it. Click the “Inspect page element” button in Firefox. There should be a list of HTML codes in that spot. If you don’t know what HTML is, you might not know what they are talking about. Do a quick search on the Internet and try to do some things on your own. But if you want to do it, it’s not hard.

6. Have A Passion For Cryptography?

When you get to this point, you’ve almost made yourself a hacking lord. If you’re a beginner, you should wait to learn this hacking stage until you’re good at the ones above. I won’t say much more about this right now. But it’s not a bad idea if you can work this into your studies early on.

Learning more about databases

I already said that coding is the basis of hacking. If you’re afraid of hackers getting into your database, choose PHP, Java, Python, SQL, UNIX, etc. Let me explain the coding language I just talked about.

1. PHP

PHP is a great way to connect web pages or forms to a database. But before you start with PHP, you should know how to use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Since we are talking about the internet, HTML is the most important. With PHP, you are getting closer to being a full-time data retriever and “black hat” hacker. If you know PHP and MySQL, you can change the database in any way you want.

2. Java Script

You need JavaScript to hack, but you can become a hacker even if you don’t have it. In some situations, you will definitely need to know how to use JavaScript. If you want to be very good, it would help to know HTML well. JavaScript makes it possible for data to be stolen on the Internet. If you know how to code, you can follow goals and find the information you need online for anything. Also, it’s easy to break into application software for any reason.

3. Python

Python is a very accessible programming language. It’s ideal for newcomers since it requires no authentication to access the database and pulls out any data the user wants.


People trust encryption to keep their private information safe. Using MySQL or SQL, a hacker could quickly decrypt and get this information. Then, the data can be changed and any other information can be added. You could even install destructive scripts that shut down the database and hide your exit after you leave. If you want to learn how to hack for the government, you need to get better at it.


C is used to write both PHP and UNIX. Because UNIX works with commands, knowing how it works means you are a hacker. When I was using Windows 7 and Max OS, I thought I knew everything, but that was before I installed UNIX. Linux is hard to understand for people who have never used it before. I used Kali Linux, but there are other Linux distributions, like Ubuntu, Fedora, Parrot, Linux Mint, BackBox, etc. You can run UNIX programs on any of these OS.

You’re wasting your time if you use Microsoft Windows or Mac OS to talk about UNIX. The Mac OS is even better than Microsoft because it doesn’t put limits on what you can do with it. If you want to feel worried and annoyed, start with Kali Linux like I did. If you want something less annoying, then choose Ubuntu. I can’t promise that it will be less frustrating, though.


How to hack and make money as a hacker

Use Your Creativity 

Being real and making something new are important parts of being creative. First, I made a virus and a program that can find and destroy it. You could choose, work on, and do well at a lot of other things. You could make an app to protect your identity and test it on your friends.

Maintain Your Concentration

If you want to hack in a good way, you need to be disciplined. Writing codes is just one part of learning how to hack. You couldn’t finish because of bugs, which can be very frustrating for a beginner, especially after hours of hard work.

Avoid Ignoring A Problem

I once ran away from a problem, but I came back a few months later. If I hadn’t come back, it would have been silly. I was able to meet the challenge and get better because of it. Sometimes you want to throw your computer out the window. Even though it’s not a waste of time, it will feel like one. Stop for a moment instead of leaving. Your brain can get tired from working too hard and needs time to rest.

Examine Hacking Forums

Join a hacker forum with a good name, such as Hacker Forum. There are forums on the dark web that talk about the most mysterious parts of hacking. You’d have a great time there, and I’d love you too. For some reason, I’m not going to put the links here. Also, you need secure networks like Tor to get to them. Put Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines out of your mind. They can’t show you how to get there. DuckDuckGo might be able to, but only on regular browsers.

Consult Online Sources

While some resources are free, some require payment. You can learn faster by picking anyone. A few paid hacking guides are also free on hacking communities on the dark web.

Be a ghost

Oh, and try to avoid being a trouble-making hack student. In the worst situation, you might attract federal authorities who will start snooping around your neighborhood. Keep your mouth shut and always cover your front and back cameras when browsing the web. One other thing: proceed with caution when using the dark web. I have been there, and even though it seems like nothing is going there, it is messy.

How to help the hackers and learn from what they do

Test And Fix Open Source Software

Developers of software sometimes ask people to test their products before they are released to the public. Companies like Google often do this with their software to figure out where to make changes and other things. Try these products out and see what you can do with them. Don’t do this when you’re using closed source software. Don’t spread this kind of software, even if you want to.

Articles Written By Hackers

This helped me get better at what I could do. When you publish the little, you know, professionals will rush to help you fix things or give you advice about your problems. Some people are very harsh with their punishments. So, don’t try to write in a brilliant way. Also, at the end of each article, say that you are willing to make changes.

Share Any Hacking Experiences You Have

You might achieve this by contributing to forums and responding to queries in subject areas you are knowledgeable about. Do you have a desire to hack? Please let me know in the comments. In the end, when you succeed as a hacker, you can utilize the talent to amuse your loved ones and gather bank account information.


If you want to learn how to hack on the dark web and make money in 2022, we can help you get started. We’ll care for you like a newborn, feeding you milk (Hacking Skills), until you’re a fully-fledged monster by the time we’re done. Could you even fathom what you’re capable of? Because we regularly update our library of resources, including guides and tutorials, your success is assured.

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We will go over everything about properly setting up and using botnets and other types of malware to get the most victims and logs out of them. And how to stay safe and anonymous while using We will spend a majority of time learning spreading

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After students begin to get th

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