Tutorial] Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Tutorial] Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Tutorial Search Engine Optimization

> The optimization for search engines (SEO) is the way your page or website as a whole is being indexed by the different search engines in the world. The ‘visibility’, the ranking and everything related to moving your website to a more decent position when a specific keyword or phrase is being searched for. Here, I’m going to list 13 tricks for getting a better optimization for your website and attract more visitors.

Strive to vary the content of your website. In that way the users will always come back for more and more. Of course, you need to store the content of articles, thread, posts, replies and any other user interaction so that your users may also browse old stuff.

If you have already managed to create a small society, even if it consists of few daily visiting members, listen to their advice. If you dispose with a form for questions or simply contacts, that would even easy the communication between you and your users. In that way you’ll know what they think is gonna make the society better.

The monitoring of your daily and average user should be mandatory. This gives you the opportunity of what they like and what they dislike or like less. Using Google Analytics, for example, you can check where the user is from and which page he visits the most. In that way you’ll know on what to focus your attention over more so that users may come back daily to the website.

When you are reading, for example, an interesting article from a big commercial website or news blog, make sure you leave a meaningful reply along with your email address and accordingly your website. This is sort of an advertising but with a more hidden concept.

Registering yourself on famous gallery communities as well as outside your country as well, will get you more known to the public. Leave it at that for users to comment on it. Supposing they saw/visited your profile, they might become your users as well. This is, of course, not permitted on most websites due to their policies but you can escape that

by using a less mainstream referral to your website.

Whenever sending an email, add/include a link to your website. It will help popularize it amongst the people

you communicate with on a daily basis and with ones that are not so well-known to you. The more advertising,

the better. Just watch out not to turn it into spam because that would make a bad impression over your website.

As funny as it may seem, if you’re aiming to get your website on some of the top places in

its sphere, you’ll need advertising brochures which you can spread throughout the area you’re inhabiting

or even ask your friends and unknown people for support. Their production is not expensive and enables

faster and more reliable connection with your from the side of your users.

Flash advertisements or any kind of animated ads, attract more attention and eventually get people to visit your website. They should not be annoying because that would put the users off and conclude that you aim to win more members to your board (which is in fact true but shouldn’t be widely and directly spoken).

Practically, any massive online event for competition between people is a good way to enlarge the scope of your website’s popularity. Winning is not always the most important, just remember to include a link to your website in some way. The notion is to stick there, where the attention that is paid to you is big even just being a part of an event.

On the other side participating in any kind of online or offline activity can benefit you even in small amounts

of new users. Seeing you can offer entertainment, your audience will grow every now and then when you

part take in a competition either for an award or just to be one of those who are their for the fun of the game.

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PPC (pay-per-click) ads can generate quite a huge traffic towards your website (in the good sense, of course).

The placement of advertising banners through famous websites requires money which you may invest in the

first place in order to have a bigger chance of success in the future. Large national websites work better even than international ones.

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The writing of articles will get you more well-known and from there your website as well. Try to publish at least one big article per week at some major community with lots of unique visits

and members.Being impressed by the writing, users may refer to other pieces of your work which may

actually lead to the discovery of your website.

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Last but not least, blogs offer a quick sharing of thoughts and opinions on something. No need to make a blog for your website, make a blog for yourself. Write about your work, hint for your website hiddenly and try to be polite with others. Respect will come whenever you show such, so keep in mind that the way you treat some of your future users, that’s the way you will be treated back.

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