Hide your IP address to remain anonymous when conducting online activities. We’ve gotten a lot of questions from people looking for a legitimate way to remain anonymous. There could be a variety of reasons to remain anonymous online. Since there are many of ways to disguise your IP but we will be addressing the most secure ways to stay anonymous here.

Before we can do that, we must first grasp what IP is and how it works.


INTERNET PROTOCOL is the abbreviation for INTERNET PROTOCOL. IP enables you to communicate with other computers and devices through the internet. A unique IP address is assigned to each device. IP address is essentially your online identity, similar to how your home address is recognized in your neighborhood.

Having a recognition also means that you aren’t anonymous. People know about you and they can trace you as well. Same goes for the IP address. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) actually knows about your IP and your other private information like SSN and your house number and your email address as well. So basically if you ever get your IP leaked in any cyber activity, you will be caught in minutes. People involved in criminal activities over the internet takes proper precautions about their IP address to stay hidden.

How To Hide Your IP Address?

There are plenty of techniques to hide your IP address which we are going to discuss


Using a paid VPN is the best ever method to hide your IP. It is the fastest and the most reliable service you can ever get to stay anonymous. There are hundreds of vpns available in the market that offer these services but choosing a quality vpn to stay anonymous is the most important part. VYPRvpn is on the top list. It comes with a kill switch , that stops the internet traffic if the vpn gets disconnected by any cause. This closes all the loop holes that can disturb your anonymity.

How VPN works?

When you use a vpn on your device it basically spoofs your real IP with a fake IP. When your device generates traffic they go through the vpn and the vpn provides the traffic with a new IP. And this is how it conceals your original IP.


There are free VPNs in the market as well that promises a lot of things but in actual they are nothing. Always remember you have to pay the price. “If there is no product, You are the product” . Many free VPNs do promise a lot but they do nothing. it takes a lot of money to manage the servers for the VPN. Many of them run ads in between to cover their cost and to earn. While a few are a total scam which will in fact put a malware in your device so your device can be used in any sort of cyber attacks like Ddos while you will have no knowledge about it. Also if they work fine, they still don’t provide what they promise.

Using a paid and right VPN is so necessary to stay anonymous.


You can’t question TOR when it comes to anonymity. TOR PROVIDES 100% guaranteed privacy and anonymity. TOR stands for The Onion Router. just like the onion has many layers, TOR has many layers of servers to maintain anonymity. All the major criminal activities are done using the TOR.

How TOR works?

Unlike VPNs, TOR client has multiple servers within it. When you connect to TOR, the traffic reroutes through the servers of TOR and in that process it generates multiple IPs, making it impossible to crack the real IP. Deep web is also accessed through TOR because of the anonymity it provides to its users.

Since TOR reroutes the traffic through different servers, the drawback that occurs is that it lacks the speed. Every time the traffic goes through a different server , it loses its speed. It encrypts more than the VPN but it can’t win in the speed. Though VPNs provide complete anonymity as well. It’s just what you decide to go for.

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Proxy servers are another way of having anonymity. You just have to put the proxy before the URL and there you go. Mostly the proxy servers are free to use and they work the exact same way as the vpn. You just have to do it manually by putting the proxy in the URL. The offer anonymity but they aren’t as reliable as the TOR or the VPN, that’s the only reason they are in the last in this list. When the connection breaks by any reason, the real IP gets disclosed in the proxy server. And you have to put the proxy again and start over while in the VPN when the connection breaks , VPN stops all the traffic without disclosing the real IP. 2022 IP HIDING TECHNIQUES

How PROXY SERVER works? 

The only reason proxy servers are still used is because in some cases where you don’t even want your ISP to know which site you accessed, proxy servers serve the purpose there. For example, there is a site which you want to access but you don’t want your ISP to know about it. you will contact your proxy server provider which is totally legal and you will send them the URL and they will reroute your request through their servers and the site will be opened in your browser. And you ISP won’t even have any clue that you visited that site. 2022 IP HIDING TECHNIQUES




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