How to improve the success rate of CARDING

How to improve the success rate of CARDING

How to improve the success rate of CARDING

1. Computer environment
2. ip
3. CVV
4. Website Mechanism
How to improve the success rate of CARDING

1. Computer environment

When you are ready to shop online, your browser language, time, ip, hardware information and other information need to be modified according to the region of the purchased CVV, or you can directly use the Sphere , the specific explanation will be in other articles


First, you need to select the IP corresponding to the address. If there is no IP corresponding to the address, please select an IP with a similar address
Second, you need to check whether the IP is blacklisted
Recommend: 911, vip72


3-1 choose BIN

There are many BINs, but please choose the BIN you are familiar with first because at least you can know whether there is money in the BIN and whether the BIN is in the blacklist of the store, so I don’t think there is much to say in this regard, This main experience. As you buy more goods, your experience will exist. Some friends asked me, do I have to buy NON-VBV? My answer is not necessarily, because it mainly depends on whether the store needs VBV

3-2 buy CVV

Nowadays, because too many CVVs died when purchasing CVVs, sometimes refunds are not possible. Then I need to buy a cost-effective CVV, For example, a base that is fresh and has a high survival rate that day can prevent the purchase of a large amount of death data, You can also get the best and most effective data yourself (see my other article how to get CVV for free), Also, please buy your favorite card level, but I don’t recommend you to buy a prepaid card,
because most of them don’t have money, Of course, the best when buying your favorite BIN, Many people say that individual sellers must be better than the data in the store, which I disagree with because individual sellers often sell the same data to many people, and some individual sellers buy from stores and sell them, But there will also be reliable sellers, which will cost you a lot of time and money to find. Maybe you are lucky and found it soon。

3-3 checker

check is actually very important
1. After buying the card, I suggest not to use the check-in at the store.
2. Go to the inspection site for the check, but not all BINs are suitable for the check. When you card more times, you will understand this
3. After checking once, remember not to check the second time in a row, because this is likely to kill the data
4. Because check can also be said to be an experience, please don’t think that you can check any card. If the check is successful, But you may not succeed, the check is particularly important(In addition, someone recently asked me about checks. I realize that some people don’t know the meaning of the check code. After the check, a code will be given, such as 00, 05, etc. Please remember to read the code, if you don’t understand, you can go to GOOGLE)

4. Website Mechanism

Every website has its own risk control mechanism, So many beginners ask me. The first thing I tell is not to go to Amazon. Since novices cannot find Amazon’s mechanism, This will waste a lot of time and money, Therefore, you can usually go to other stores. The mechanism of each website is different. In short, some websites simulate real browsing, some require manual input of card information, Some websites have a limit on the quantity, Some websites have limits on how much you can spend, etc. So when you are CARDING, you must find the mechanism of the website, and then this will greatly increase your success rate

This time I wrote it anxiously. I read it for a while and felt that some places were not written in detail. If you like this article, In the future, I will write down the details that I didn’t write.

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