How to prevent computer from accessing internet if your VPN crash.

How to prevent computer from accessing internet if your VPN crash.

How to prevent computer

prevent computer from accessing internet

Ok, this is a really small thing, but this thing can save your ass BIGTIME, there were a few times when my VPN crashed and my real net was pinging all websites while it was reconnecting, and this is a VERY VERY BAD thing, or some other software leaks or whatever, its big mess. I didn’t write it myself, it will be copy-paste from Lampedusa, enjoy and be safe.

To make a long story short and reasons for using Comodo Firewall behind, let me get straight to the topic.

Now everyone is using VPN these days, no matter what It is PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, or anything else. The problem occurs when the connection is dropped and you’re fully exposed. In order to prevent that kind of situation, you need to completely block all non-VPN traffic using a firewall (Comodo in this case, but works with any other firewall as well). You’ve got to create the following global rule by doing the following:

Comodo Firewall -> Firewall -> Network Security Policy -> Global Rules -> Add

Action: Block
Protocol: IP
Direction: In/Out
Source Address: Network Zone – (You Internet Access zone, ex. home #1)
Destination Address: Exclude – IPv4 Single Address – Entry address of the server

Now the Entry address of the server would be the remote IP of the VPN server you’re connecting to. OpenVPN for example will reflect that IP in the *.ovpn config file under the “remote” string.

A small, but a highly important add-on to your security.

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