applying for credit cards – rewards inside

applying for credit cards – rewards inside

applying for credit cards

I as of late arrangement a site seven days prior which accumulates fullz and the site targets rich people with high financial assessments, subtleties I have are sweep of their drivers permit, their SSN, dob, name, address

I have performed background checks on the 23 fullz I have gotten so far, I have credit reports for 5 of them, I need someone to shoot a tutorial on how to apply for credit cards with these fullz, I know I will have to get the burner number and the drop address on the victims credit profile somehow, I’ll give anyone who helps me out 2 fullz with credit report and background checks and 5 more with only background checks and no credit report, feel free to pm me.



Get the credit karma
Add your drop
Apply for Cap One. They are the easiest.
Change the number
Exercise some Social Engineering.

Orrr. Use the info to get business LLC’s. Do a PG. Easier to get cards and loans.


I don’t think it is difficult but you need a system in place and what you want to do. If you just do an EIN, a DBA is in place. Get a CPN with a STRONG credit score. be a good PG

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