Trick to Browse Forums without Login or register in forum

Trick to Browse Forums without Login or register in the forum

Trick to Browse Forums without Login

Trick to Browse Forums without Login

Got vexed with forums ah? whenever you visit a new forum it will ask you to register or log in to view the post. For just seeing only one post, we don’t need to waste time registering in that forum. Here is a simple trick or hack whatever you call to view the post on the forum without registering.
The simple logic is that All websites and forums will block unregistered users, but they won’t block Google Bot. we can change our userAgent with the google bot user agent and easily browse the forums.
visit This site It will provide you with the Mozilla user agent add-on for you. Click the downloaded add-on. That will bring you to the Mozilla add-on page for user Agent
Download the addon and install it in Mozilla. now restart the browser.
*Now go to the Tools menu and select “Default User-Agent”
*Select “User-Agent Switcher”
*Now select “Options” (for guide see the picture)

It will open the small window like this:

click the new button and select “New User Agent”.

This will open another small window for adding new user agent like this:

Fill the Form with following values in corresponding field:
Description :
User Agent: Googlebot/2.1 (+
Left the all other fields as blank.

click ok.
Restar the Browser.
Now go to Tools and select “Default User Agent
You can find there option like this “”
select that option.
that’s all finished

Now you can browse the forums without registering
after visiting, forums set it to “Default User-agent”.
whenever you want to see forums set “” as a user agent.
I hope this will useful for you..
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