Let Bots Make Your Living While You Sleep | Earn $300 Every Day

Let Bots Make Your Living While You Sleep | Earn $300 Every Day

Make Your Living While You Sleep Earn $300 Every Day…This method here will make you able to make $3,000-$6,000 (all depends on the work you put in) a month with no issues.

Earn $300 Every Day

Automated Crypto Trading Bot is a method in which cloud cryptocurrency trading software lets you take advantage of crypt market fluctuations. Connect Bots to your exchange and trade 24/7 without making it a full-time job.

There are free and paid plans. Always go with Paid plane as it gives you more than 100 Bots so the Success rate increases up to 99% also multiple profits up to 600%

1- Go sign up at (the highly legit site you can check reviews on google )
2- Connect to HitBTC
3- Navigate to Settings – Top Up – BTC or ETH Then deposit 30$
4- Navigate to Settings – Under your plane choose settings – Change plan – HitBTC Promo – Choose 1 Month – confirm
5- Now the generated profit will be used to auto prolongation for the next months
6- Go To Create Bot ( Make Sure Access point is set to HITBTC ) – Strategy ( Long ) – Quote currency ( USDT )
7- Click next
8- Template ( Starter Grid bot long BTC-USDT )
9- VERY IMPORTANT: Edit the following parameters
Take profit target(%): Step of extra order(%): Max. extra orders:
1.4 1 2

10- Order volume: 10 USDT
11- Top Up your balance with 10 USDT to the shown address
12- Click Next

13- Signals turn on RSI
14- Start
15- Create a new bot with the same steps but choose ETH-ADA For STEP 5 then again new bot with BTC-ETH and USDT-LTC

*Leave the bots auto running and never stop it. After 24 hours your profit margin will be at least 300$
**Now You can cash out profit to BTC directly or to PayPal at
***The guide CAN NOT be Sold or Leaked under any circumstances.

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