Let’s Make money Partner-In Crime

Partner-In Crime. Let’s Make money together. Read Everything. So, Here’s my story.

Partner-In Crime Let’s Make money

A couple of years ago, I got introduced to Dark Web and was so curious about it. Learned a lot of things but my main interest was Weed.
As time went by, I came across the term “Carding” and dug deeper and learned about it.
Back then, I was working at a reputated organization as Tele Support and sometimes Sales.
So, I used to Legit CC card read out by the owner itself and I used to make notes of them.

Back when carding Gift Shop cards were popular, I tried the same thing. Guess what? It fucking worked. Of course, after several attempts to get the OPSEC right and find the right cardable webpage.
Tried a lot, made a couple of bucks and I sort of lost interest in it as the profit was minimal and I used to make money in getting weed itself to my country with fewer customs strictness.

Fast Forward to Oct 2019, Still in the DarkWeb scene doing only deals regarding weed and suddenly the guy I work with, Came up with the same idea as I did a couple of years ago. “CARDING”.

I sit here one day and just go through dread about Carding and I see how much it was developed over the past few years. Ginseng methods and what not. Respect.
So I thought to myself, why the hell not should I try this again? Partner-In Crime Let’s Make money

Let’s Make money Partner-In Crime
Let’s Make money Partner-In Crime

Did research for a week and got the guides and all that shit.

Honestly, the guides they sell you will only teach 70% of the work to be done, and the rest crucial 30% depends on you.

A week after all the research and everything, sat down for business.

1)Got the right residential proxies, Setup, and Fullz.
2)Managed to open a Bank drop in the FL, USA. Performed the first deposit via Venmo.
3)Working on the eCommerce Website and Stripe integration which would take a day or two.

I will go and age the Bank drop for a week, at the same time my Stripe too will become a 2-day rollout.

My problem is? I’m not getting the LEGIT CC from my “organization” as I don’t work there anymore.
I’m not looking for someone who will get me high balance CC and stuff like that.

What I’m looking for is a partner in crime. A-Pro Carder, for a certain % of profits. Looking for someone with less than 5% declines to keep my setup as Alive as possible.
I’ll set up several bank drops and integrate them with a stripe or whichever.

Why can’t I do it myself? I’d prefer not to. I’d rather manage and Age the bank drop and Stripe and I would love someone who could Card my websites which I provide. Saves me a lot of work.

If there’s anyone out there who is willing to help me out, with at least 90% chances of getting the work done and without burning my set up within the first week, Hit me up on private dread message or drop a text with your whatever You Use to communicate.

Hoping to build some trust, Name, and money. Thank God for this community.


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