Make Alot Of Money With Public Cc (very Risky!)

Make A lot Of Money With Public Cc (very Risky!)

Make A lot Of Money With Public Cc

Make A lot Of Money With Public Cc

What you would need:

  1. A computer
  2. A bank account to receive the money
  3. VPN, clean proxy, or RPD
  4. A customized website to use the card

Now to do it:

General info: Always use VPN and always clear cookies before doing anything
Step 1: Create an account at the stripe and verify it. Make sure to use fake information
Step 2: Link your bank account (preferably fake) to your verified stripe account.
Step 3: Download Xampp and run your customized website on apache, make sure it’s working.
Step 4: Link your stripe to your website (will be used to transfer money to stripe)
Step 5: After you got all that done, wait for someone to post a cc on the forum
Step 6: You have to be fast. On the customized website you can checkout with cc, and the money will go to you (you can change the price to whatever)
Step 7: This is the trickiest part. Sometimes your private key will become invalid and you would need to do steps 1-2 again. But after you used the cc, it will either say “declined” or “approved”. If approved, quickly go back to stripe and transfer the funds to your bank account.
Step 8: Clear cookies, change mac address, and DON’T disable VPN. Restart your computer, clear cookies and change your MAC address again, and always use random numbers

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