Misterbitcoin Paypal Guide

Misterbitcoin PayPal Guide

Misterbitcoin PayPal Guide.

Misterbitcoin Paypal Guide


First I would like to thank you for purchasing this guide and wish you good luck on your PayPal ventures. Everything I wrote here is from personal experience. I tried my best to explain everything as clearly as possible and not forget any details, but if something isn’t clear, send me a PM, and I’ll be glad to answer any questions.

Guide Overview:

Although the guide’s primary purpose is for transfers and middleman accounts, I’ve included some cash-out methods. The guide is in 6 sections that build on each other.
1: The transfer setup I use for my transfers (From verified accounts)
2: Mass transfers from CCs (what most PP vendors are doing) + Various gateways and e-commerce
3: Building your Middle man Accounts(or buying them) + aging/transaction history
4: Paypal transfer funnel (how You should send transfers)
5: Cashouts
6: Resources

Please read the guide in order(1-6) as each step has building blocks for the following sections.
Across the guide, you will see” TIP” highlighted. Please pay special attention to these as they will most likely save you a lot of grief.
While the earning potential with Paypal is excellent, it also requires a lot of planning and attention to detail to be successful. Let’s Begin!!


Overview: The typical way to send a PayPal transfer is to buy stolen CCs and card a payment gateway that leads to the middle man account(I will be going over this in detail in section 2).
A gateway is just something simple like” instabuc” that allows you to upload a product, such as ebooks, and make a PayPal payment link; you then proceed to card this link with the stolen cc.

The good thing about this system is that it’s quick and easy, and you can make ALOT of transfers in one day with minimal effort. The bad thing about this system, depending on how strong your middle man account is, it can raise some red flags as it’s coming directly from CC. In addition, Paypal and the payment gateways are continuously updating their security, so they often need to update methods to beat PP/gateways.

So now that we got that covered, here’s the overview of the method in this section:

We will be creating PayPal accounts that are verified. And then use a combination of PayPal credit/bill me later (this is a credit line that PayPal makes for you, explained in details below) + thevic’ss credit card.

Why is this better? 1) Sending from a verified account will be a lot less “har” on your middle man accounts(which means you can send more funds without being limited and will also look better if the account goes under review) 2) With your credit line you can split up the payments (ex: if you have 2K credit line can make 4 x 500) 3) Can double dip the account and send from the CC on file 4) Funds will most likely stick longer

Now, if you are new to PayPal, this might not make much sense, but don’t worry; I’ll be going step by step below: Resources Checklist/explanation:

1) RDP/Dedicated SOCKS5/VPS

2) USA CC Fullz

3) Phone number(optional)

4) Generic e-mail

5) VBA/VCC(optional)

6) Phone spoofer.

TIP: Paypal is a resources game. You’ll burn through a lot of fullz, ccs, RDPs, etc. Buying in bulk cuts down the price to 1/3-1/5 of the original price, which makes a massive difference in the long run!!

1) RDP/Dedicated SOCKS5/VPS Alright, so let’s get started; the first thing we’re going to need is the RDP/VPS. In layman’s terms, a VPS/RDP is another computer hosted elsewhere. You will use these as your personal computer to open the PayPal accounts. Paypal is ultra-sensitive about IP address/cookies. With a VPS/RDP, you are able to create a PayPal account and log in with the same IP and cookies, which will save you from a lot of the dreaded PayPal errors.

You could also make a new virtual machine on your computer and buy dedicated socks5 etc., but I find using RDP/VPS a lot easier.
Where to buy: EVO is filled with sellers you can buy from hacked and none hacked. You can also search USA VPS/RDP, and there are plenty of companies selling them. Buy from one that has bitcoin payment as an option.

Hacked VS not hacked: Hackedrdp’s/vpss is a computer infiltrated by one of the vendors; the owner still has access to it and can see what you’re doing. These are ok to use in this instance as we won’t be using these for long, but if you’re going to make a cashout/middle man account, I would for sure get a none hacked one that you have complete control over and will last long( I typically use none hacked regardless).

Now that you have the VPS/RDP, you can log in to it, and this will be different depending on what you’re using, but it’s very straightforward, and the vendor will give you all the information you need. ALWAYS!! Connect to the RDP/VPS through a security barrier; never connect using your isp!! Once logged in, you’ll notice that the computer is essential, so you’ll need to install firefox and flash. Step one is done. Let’s move on to creating the account.

2) USA CC FULLZ/Creating the PP account First, you’ll need to make a generic e-mail(like Gmail). I would use the full name of the fullz to make it ex: [email protected] Next step is taking a matching fullz to the IP address of the RDP/VPS and using the information to open a Paypal account

THe fullz you are using should all be high-level cards such as business, signature, centurion, etc., as people with a $10K-30 000 credit card limit will most likely have a lot better credit than the basic 1K cards(which will come in handy for the PayPal credit)
TIP: if you’re buying the fullz per piece, it’s sometimes easier to find a match by purchasing the VPS/RDP first and requesting a fullz from the vendor from the same city. Next, we will verify the account with a VBA(virtual bank account). You can buy these from EVO or places like http://openvcc.com

(optional) Next, were going to verify the PayPal account with thevic’ss credit card. Go to verify PayPal and verify with a credit card. Add in the CC details, and PayPal will then charge $1.95 to thevic’ss CC. On the statement will appear PayPal and a four-digit code.

The four-digit code is what we need to verify the account. To get the code, we’ll call the bank’s automatic system. Don’t worry, and you won’t need to talk to anyone) To do this, first, make an account on https://www.spooftel.com, and pay with bitcoin. Next, either using VoIP or burner phone(I would use burner phone if possible as sometimes the automated bank system doesn’t recognize the numbers when key-ing the cc numbers), call thevic’ss banking number but spoof the number to show as the phone number on the fullz To find out the credit cards customer service number take the first 6digit’ss of the cc and go to binlist.net and look up the bank.

Next, search the bank number in google for that specific bank. If you’ve done all the steps correctly, the automated system should only ask for the last four digits of the card or the SSN, depending on the bank. Press in the correct numbers. If successful, this will bring you to the telephone banking menu. Navigate the menu to find recent transactions and listen to the amounts. It will say something like charge $1.95 PayPal 4051 (the four digits is what you need, write this down). Log back into the PayPal accounts and enter the four digits in the verification system.

Your account is now verified with a VBA and a CC from a big brand brick and motor bank, which will go a long way. Now comes the easy stuff; you’re almost there! Log in to PayPal and apply for PayPal credit/bill me later. They’ll ask you for the DOB and last four digits of your SSN, so make sure to have the fullz info in front of you.
Once approved, PayPal credit will give you a credit line with a minimum of $250, but if you followed my advice and used fullz with high-level cc bins, it will be much higher, in the thousands. So now, when you’re ready to send a transfer, you can send from the panel and use PayPal credit/bill me later OR ifyou’ree paying an invoice, etc., you will see a new tab now on checkout for PayPal credit/bill me later. Use that one!

After you’ve used up the PayPal credit line, you can move on to using the credit card on file for

another 1-2 transfers J, although I usually save this for when my middle man accounts are near burnt.

In the next section, I will go in-depth on how to perform the transfers to middleman accounts. Alright, take

a deep breath, this may seem like a significant pain in the ass now, but once you get used to it, this process will only take 20-50 minutes total and cost you anywhere from $40-$90 depending on success ratio/price of resources, BUT you can reap anywhere from $2000 to $5000+ in transfers, from a verified account, the funds typically stick A LOT longer and with the going rate of transfers @ 25%to35% you just saved yourself anywhere from

$500-$1800 +, not wrong, I would say ?! J Things that can go wrong: 1) The credit card is already on file. Nothing we can do here will need to move on to another 2) The SSN used to register is already in use; again, nothing we

can do here but use another fullz. 3) The Vic notices the 1.95 charges on CC, or they’ve paid for a very advanced anti-fraud alert/monitoring system – this will close the account, but I’ve found this to be very rare. I believe that covers everything for section 1; if you have any questions, please let me know!

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