Mobile Carding Setup & Methods.

Mobile Carding Setup & Methods. Took Time to Get Right Check It Out

Mobile Carding Setup & Methods

Alright folks. I have perused innumerable aides about Carding just utilizing windows 7 and Antidetect, Fraudfox and so forth… You folks know. I have not had a lot of progress attempting the ordinary techniques. I have seen guides about versatile android checking and paid 5 bucks on realm just to get a comprehension of the rudiments.


Mobile Carding Setup & Methods.
Mobile Carding Setup & Methods.


Then tried to mimic what can be done on PC on phone. So I decided to branch out and experiment with payment processers on mobile and carding. In 3 months this has been my experience. There is no way you can do a stripe like method fully on mobile right? There is!!!!
Using Apps like:
Parallel space
Duel Space
Dr. Clone
These apps clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously. OPEN YOUR BRAIN and think! These work how running a VM or a RDP would work on a PC! So think what can be done.
I have burned about $500 in cards and bricked a S9 plus and a LG Style5. So yeah a lot of trial and error.

I have made a lot of money using multiple sets up

Maxing out hitting 3k per set up Max. The lowest I’ve gotten was 800 and the set up was burned. I made adjustments and started hitting 3k the past 6 set ups. is easy. (I won’t reveal what sites in public forum) Creating my own listings and my then carding them on the Parallel install of the app or normal.

Outside of this normal carding to drops has been successful Im hitting at a rate of I would say 80%. I think switching to higher Level cards has helped me. I was using for cards and I think the checker was killing the cards even tho it was saying they were good. Fucked with Entershop & had a better rate.

I invested in Cvv2finder and Bemnub shop accounts I got from here. Im paying 15 to 22 per card, but I can hit 3 or 4 times on each card so it’s worth it. Business, Signature, Platinum & World Bins. I’m mainly hitting electronic stores & designer clothes. Websites are easy to hit.

I run them in a Sandboxed Browser app that turns the web page in a App and its easy to hit. also I am not sure if it’s the quality of the cards or not I want to try with a cheaper card but I don’t if the card is dead or not. I believe
This doesn’t work with IOS due to the boat load of restrictions. Android has A lot of Open source apps and Market places outside of google play. In fact, you don’t even need google play. Use F Droid, 1Moblie, Aptoide Aurora Store. Pure APK. Plus, The rooted magisk roms.

Set up: Rooted Samsung Note 9 running Android 9.0

Opsec: Rooted. Android ID switched, Mac address switched, Imei switched. All Data running thru Calyx VPN from F Droid. They claim to route all traffic thru servers without manual setup.

Might use Brute NordVpn instead. Thinking about switching too WireGuard as it has tunnels and might be more effective maybe one of you can answer. Using gps spoofer to exact location of the card holder Also used ProxyDroid For Proxy as well. It didn’t use it all the time though.

“What about cell towers blah blah”? On F Droid using “Finder app” and it pings my location as the one I put in as the CH. So it shows me in the card holder city. Another app that using tower data is “GPS Test” It shows as CH location as well.

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