??Here are the things required for you to do a Mobile Deposit(MD) loading



1, A PC, Android or Iphone
A Paid Vpn
The Bank You Loading Mobile App
A Cheque Sample
The Drop details, including the online access
??WARNING: The reason why most guys get people’s account bursted is because, they use Fake or emptycheck, DON’T EVER USE AN EMPTY or dead check to load account, it will kill the account ensure you spend money in buying good check ..!!!


You get the blank check, as a starter, you go to a business centre and print out the check on a normal A4 paper (that’s if you can’t afford the normal original checkpaper)
After printing, trim it to a normal check size

??NOTE: You can use one check to load any bank, even if your check is wellsfargo check, you can use it

to load BOA,chase, PNC etc
Now get your phone, download a premium vpn, NOT A FREE VPN. I recommend Express VPN / Premium Nord


After installing your vpn, Go to your App world, and search for the Bank you want to load. If the drop your client gave you is CHASE, Type chase on your app store and download the app Now connect your vpn to USA
Go to your browser and type to check if your ip has been changed to US and also check your Anonymity !


Launch the Chase app, enter the username and password of the drop you are loading. It will ask you to get a verification code via email or phone number base on its the first time your device is accessing the account. If client didn’t give you the email and password attached to the acct, just tell the client to come online and get code for you
After getting the code, enter it and you will be signed into the account

??NOTE: Bank account security varies, some might ask you to verify by sending code to email or phone, others will ask for security question and answer, some might not even ask you anything
When you get into the account, kindly scroll down to check the history of the account to see if the account has a good transaction history. Monitor the in and out flow of funds from the account If the highest money the account has received is $2000,
Don’t try to load above that $2000 cos it will trigger the security of the bank.

Let’s assume you are loading such account, it’s safe if you do $1800 or less
Now head to your check you printed, Fill in the Payee name with your Pen (biro). also Write the drop name

as the Payee name. Write the amount in words. Write amount in figure also. On the Memo, write anything

you feel is the reason for the transaction (You can put Loan, Rent, or anything as the memo). write the date

you are despositing the check and that’s all
Now you are set to load your account


Go to the chase app, on the left side of the dash board
You will see a drop down click on mobile deposit, it will take you to another page where you can snap the check
Type in the amount you want to load. It must be the same amount you indicated on your check
Below it, you will see 2 boxes. It will ask you to snap the check you want to deposit.


Place the check on a plain table or on the floor. When you click on take front picture Camera will automatically turn on Snap the front and repeat same at the back. It’s an easy process, when you login you will understand better what am trying to explain. When you done click on deposit check
It will tell you Successful!!!. Within 2 – 10hrs, the money must have reflected. Ensure you take a screen shot after clicking on deposit in order to show to who your loading for.

??Note: It’s better you load between week days only. Client is advice to go swipe card next day morning between 8am – 11am their time.

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