Money laundering (open to debate)

Money laundering (open to debate)

Money laundering

When your car, you buy an Amazon gift card, you resell it on the internet and get paid in BTC. Now that you have BTC, you want them in real money, but if you go on Kraken and send directly your money to your bank, they’ll ask where the money comes from, you can’t send more than $2-3k directly to your bank account or it will be weird.

So you need the money in cash. You buy amazon gift cards in BTC (using CryptoMixer) and you ship to your address (yes you can) and you

resell the stuff (phones, computers) and ask to be paid in cash, I ask for €500 billet and I say this “it’s to earn time

during the money verification”, and you collect money in cash and you can have a decent living,

you can buy everything under $1000 in cash etc… You can’t have more than $10k on yourself. (it depends of your country).

Money laundering (open to debate)
Money laundering (open to debate)


Also, you can eat every day at restaurants, etc.  Ok but now you need the money in your bank account.

So I heard methods like “yes, you open a VPN service and you say you earned $300k like this”, “you buy things related to art in cash and you resell them”, and “you open a carwash service” etc…

The 2 first methods are good, but the third is very hard because they can look (service secrets or police)

at the water and electricity, you used and it will be hard for you if you use 100L of water whereas you should use 10000L, you’ll have to throw them or resell them, think to ecology, please…
This is how I see money laundering ^^

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