New crypto ransomware Karmen on Sale

New crypto ransomware Karmen is on sale for $ 175

NEW crypto ransomware Karmen  As of late, ransomware has arisen as a significant digital danger to organizations, emergency clinics, monetary foundations, and customary clients

around the globe. Ransomware assaults are perhaps the simplest ways for cybercriminals to bring in cash, since numerous casualties

are happy to pay to unscramble information. then The circumstance has gotten far more terrible with the development of the

ransomware-as-a-administration (RaaS) plan of action, in which aggressors lease ransomware.

New crypto ransomware Karmen on Sale
New crypto ransomware Karmen on Sale


One of these schemes was discovered by the specialists of the Recorded Future company.  According to them, on one of the underground forums, the Russian-speaking hacker DevBitox offers a new RaaS ransomware

Karmen for only $ 175.  Karmen is developed based on the source code of Hidden Tear and, by analogy with other ransomware, encrypts files on

the victim’s computer also using the AES-256 algorithm and demands a ransom for information recovery.

Karmen provides buyers with access to a graphical dashboard that also allows them to configure their own versions of the ransomware.  In addition, Karmen operators can use the dashboard to track infections and profits in real time.  According to experts, working with the ransomware does not require special technical skills, even minimal knowledge is enough.

The first attacks using Karmen were recorded in December

last year, and its sale began in March this year. also  According to the researchers, 20 users have already purchased Karmen copies.

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