New Way To Relive Some Zinio File

New Way To Relive Some Zinio File

New Way To Relive Some Zinio File

In order to be able to read the mags, you have to be connected to the internet when you open them for the first time. It creates an .xml file in a folder called “ContentGuard”, located in “C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\ContentGuard”. (User is your chosen name!). If you have the .xml file corresponding to a particular issue/mag, then you can read it offline! If you can get hold of the .xml files, theoretically you should be able to read the mag without connecting to the net.

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Let’s try a little experiment!
Download this file: Game Pro December 2003, 37.7 MB + CGGuard2.dll + cgLocal.db + zno4E4.xml


Unrar it! (Password:

Then try these!:
First, put only the .xml file into C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Application Data\ContentGuard
Then try to open and read.
If that doesn’t work, but the .dll and .db files into the same folder and try again.
If that doesn’t work, pray that someone figures out a way soon!!
(Of course, you have to have Zinio Reader already installed!)
I open it the .zno file in the same directory as the XML file, and it work, then I move the .zno file to another directory without the other files and could not open it.

Finally, I copy the XML file to the content guard directoy and open it the .zno file.


you need the XML file that corresponds to the magazine you want to open and put it in the same directory of the .zno files or in the content guard folder,

ps. already try about 4 files.. and it seems to work.
but that’s only a test.

you try some of these experiments and post your results.

It works with the file zno***.xml for each magazine,
therefore someone can post a RAR file with all these small files (8k) zno***.xml; of each magazine?

PlZ someone who has read some zinio already, share some file with your Contenguard Folder. So we can relive some zinio file

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