Open UK Bank accounts with FREE VCC/Physical Cards – Verify UK PayPal

Open UK Bank accounts with FREE VCC/Physical Cards – Verify UK PayPal

Open UK Bank accounts with FREE VCC

Easily open a legit UK Bank account

This is not carding, nor is this tutorial in any way breaking any law.

This is not a proper tutorial, more a simple thread to inform you about Online UK banking options

The UK offers a few apps that you can use to open yourself a bank account online.

– Monzo Bank

For Monzo You’ll need:

Real ID such as a Drivers license or Passport.
UK Address (They send you a CC/Mastercard)
You must be older than 16.
Monzo is a really good way for anyone that is in the UK to open a bank account without having to leave their house.

They do require you to do a few things to verify your account, but Monzo is a registered bank by the FSCS in the UK.

– Curve

Curve is a service that allows you to link other cards to a singer usable card. You can also get a free physical card.

I don’t remember the requirements, but I’m certain it’s much like the same as Monzo’s requirements.

– Starling Bank

Starlink Bank is another bank that is 100% legit and registered with FSCS in the UK. They offer a Virtual CC and a Physical card as well.

It also offers services such as cheap exchange rates, card controls on the app and loads of other useful stuff.

All of these banks work with PayPal to verify your accounts, they provide you with a bank account and a Debit Card that is in your name.

Looking to find the Apps?

I won’t include the links here, but you can do a simple search of the name of the bank in order to find the IOS/Android apps. ​


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