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Offline POS skimmers for sale of the following model:

Verifone Vx670, Vx510, Vx570, Vx610, Vx3730, and many Ingenico models.

Languages: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Duch, Yiddish and many others…

Description (Buy POS Skimmer):

This machine can store track 1 & 2, along with a pin and time stamp. It has options to say approved, communication error, declined, unknown error, and INSUFF funds. Buy POS Skimmer

This POS Machine can process both debit and credit cards. The machine will never communicate with the real bank server. The machine is not physically tampered with, just software. It cannot process real transactions. It will fake the actual transactions, give you a receipt, and store T1&2+pin,which you can download later on your PC.

There are also available online terminals that can process payments successfully.

Available options:

[-] Machine can process both Debit and Credit cards.

[-] Can say approved, communication error, declined, unknown error and INSUFF funds.

[-] You can limit the machine not to process more than X number of transactions.

[-] Can customize the Merchant receipt and customer receipt on your own

[-] Data is 3DES encrypted, only with a valid key can able to decrypted it (ON/OFF feature available)

[-] All the passwords,approval codes,MID,TID all can be changed from settings menu

[-] All pos’s will come with necessary cables for a success functionning.

[-] We can refuse any customers we want for no reasons.

[-] Full support how to use the machine when purchased.

[-] Price can drop,same way can come up.

Also available skimmers for your own working online POS.

Offline POS prices starts from $800 USD

Online POS skimmers prices starts from $1100 USD

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