Selection of goods for clothing carding

Selection of goods for clothing carding

What kind of goods should I pick for a clothing carding?

goods for clothing carding The choice of carding goods is almost half the success. The goods determines the profit from all the work and the speed of the work itself. In this article we will go through the main things that can benefit the carders.

Remember that the recommendations in the article are conditional. The best way to check the carding forum before work is to find out which product is in demand.

Selection of goods for clothing carding
Selection of goods for clothing carding


Information products

The most simple and relatively safe product for carding is the purchase of information products. All you have to do is buy some software and get a license key, which is then handed over to the buyer.

Unfortunately, it is relatively difficult to find a buyer for information products – the most common product in this area is games, and for more expensive products it is usually much harder to find a buyer.

In addition, when swindle is detected, the licence is usually cancelled, thus depriving the licensee of possible support from the manufacturer.

Clothing and similar goods

Clothing is another aspect of clothing carding that can be highly profitable. However, the main income from such a carding is usually achieved through mass, and it is difficult to raise a

decent amount through such earnings.

Usually, for the sale of clothes via credit cards special shops are created in the darknet – they offer the possibility

to buy BTC things at a significant discount. However, in order to promote them they often require additional investments, which usually pay off.

Without the possibility of creating such a shop, it is better to look to other types of carding, because the resulting emissions are unlikely to be tangible.


The biggest area for carders is the sale of techniques. You can sell everything – game consoles, smartphones, Tvs and anything that is easily delivered to the buyer by the delivery service.

There are two reliable schemes in this area: the handing over of the goods to a drop for subsequent sale

or sale to the direct buyer for part of the price. For the first, reliable, validated drops are usually used, which will accurately transfer some of the money from the sale of the goods,

to the second, usually a little more complicated. Usually the buyer is searched before the vbiv, and then the goods are sent to him immediately. In some cases, this approach may be problematic for the client.

In some cases, it is possible to have the same machinery store, which will sell the goods at a much lower price.

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