How are you, hustlers doing? We would like to thank everyone for keeping us really busy while delivering you the tools to make money, like always, today we have bought you something very special, yes it is the latest 2022 guide to cashout using ShopWithScrip.

For security reasons we no longer not allow the uploads of photos or videos due to the reason we have explained in our news and latest updates page but you are free to send us those via our telegram chat and we will showcase those in our private group (invite only) along with a ton of other useful info, to get an invite for our private group is really easy, all you have to do is buy our services exceeding $500 in total using the same email address for all your purchases and once you exceed $500 you will get the invite along with your own user account on our site.

We recommend you not to bother with buying bank drops for your Bank logs especially if you do not have any experience in cashing bank logs.

ShopWithScrip is the BOMB when it comes to cashing out so buy a ShopWithScrip Logs and cashout by Shopping Giftcards and Exchange them for Bitcoins on Paxful or Localbtc, it’s a lot easier and faster than cashing out a Bank Log into your Bank Drop.


You can make up to as much as $10K weekly with a ShopWithScrip Log. Some of our members have been telling us that cashout jobs are getting more difficult as most of their drops have been ordered to stay at home due to the Covid-19 most vital facilities are not functioning full time like they were before Covid-19.

We still strongly advise those who haven’t already done so to switch and adapt fast by either spamming ShopWithScrip logs by DIY (if you don’t want to spend cash then remember, doing spamming yourself will also cost you money + time and it may not work out in the end for everyone like they first hoped) or be smart about it and skip all that by buying an already spammed ShopWithScrip log from our site for just $79 and cashout from the comfort of your own home.

First, you will need to buy a ShopWithScrip log from us, after Buying u can log in using your laptop. Do NOT use a mobile device, or else it WILL trigger a security check and you will not be able to bypass that because it will require you to enter the code sent via email and we will NOT refund nor replace the account for a mistake as such.


So pay attention to our notes we listed on our products, if your IP is good and located in the state we specified in the log you will just bypass and login with no problems, if your device has been blacklisted or never been fingerprinted to use that account (which it hasn’t) then the account will be messed up and you won’t log in So better be
safe than sorry.

SIDENOTE: If you are a professional ShopWithScrip hitter then you know better to clean up your entire machine to remove any traces of your previous logins on other ShopWithScrip accounts because if they are able to link any other account with your machine your ShopWithScript account will trigger security and email with a code will be sent so at that point you just ruined your amazing cashout chance for that particular account just because you were lazy!

Once u will log in, you will see many kinds of Gift cards .. there is Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Starbucks, Walmart gift cards feel free to use the search button to search for a particular gift card of your choice.


Upon clicking on a gift card, you will have two options, either to make them send you the gift card to your address or they send it to your email, physical address is the next day however email is Instant.

Once you choose the above option for the delivery, you can then choose the amount and quantity of gift cards you are interested in, add those to your Cart, you can even buy $3K worth of cards in one go.

You must remember that in order to receive cards via email you will need to change the email as they will only send it to the primary email on the account now this is where it gets interesting.

To change the email we always use the option “no longer have access to the previous email” as you will go through the process this option will validate you with a password before putting on your new email to your ShopWithScrip account which you will know.

This way ShopWithScrip account holder will NOT receive any emails about the email change.

Once you are done and received your cards in an email you can go back and add more gift cards to the cart, they will charge an extra 2.5% to go to the school’s charity or foundation, but you obviously do not need to worry about that.


You will keep repeating this until the account gets limited and it will get limited on your 2nd or 3rd attempt to purchase cards, you will see the message to contact their support at that stage you close

Basically, you will buy gift cards and use a bank account and CC attached to the log to pay for them, ShopWithScrip always uses Bank Account as their default payment source and CC is just there as a secondary funding source.

Once done you can go to or Localbitcoin and exchange all your gift cards to BTC or a direct ACH payment into your bank account we are sure you know the rest of what to do after you’ll get the gift cards.

Liked this 2022 ShopWithScrip guide? If so, you can write to us with your thoughts and requests for more articles.

Meanwhile, we will see you on the other side!

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