No Investment Step-by-Step Guide to make legit $50/day – Best for Noobs best method of 2022

No Investment Step-by-Step Guide to make legit $50/day – Best for Noobs best method of 2022

Step-by-Step Guide to make legit $50/day

In this method, we are going to create and sell edu emails. I’ll divide the method in the following 2 parts –

[A] Creating edu emails

Selling edu emails

Step-by-Step Guide to make legit $50/day
Step-by-Step Guide to make legit $50/day


We are not going to sell the edu emails like kids here for $1 per edu, so rest assured

​Things Needed

Just some patience, a PC with internet connection and a VPN.

[A] Creating Edu email

1- First login to
2- Choose “Crafton hill college”
3- Click the red button
4- Choose to create an account
5- Click begin creating my account
6- go to google and go to

(generate by region american and choose California 18 to 21 age)
7- For the SSN, go to this website

8- Fill all the details and create an account

P.S. Once done, you’ll get approved within a day and receive your login credentials to get all access and then login to get your edu email

PS: Other US universities where this method is working –


Generate 20-30 edu emails, use VPN and get a different IP while generating each edu email and store all info in a excel / txt file

Also, if you can afford, just buy 10-15 edu emails from some reputed seller on nulled for $1 each or less to save on all the time required to create them

Selling Edu emails

This is the heart of the method I’d say.

Now, to sell, we don’t want to sell it on places where its already sold for $1-2 bulk. We want to sell to places with less or zero competition to earn more.

There are 2 ways to do this as well –

1.) Easy Way – Less Profits

Just go to the facebook group shared by me  and start spamming them with your sales posts regarding edu emails and list their benefits. (Create 2-3 fake facebook accs and comment that the emails work to gain users trust

You can also give the mods of these facebook groups with 1-2 edu emails to pin your posts and even get a vouch from them to even further boost your credibility

2.) Hard Way – More Profits, Less Competition

We want to sell it on places where the demand is great but no one is selling it.

For this, we’ll take help of google results as the results on first page of google receives tons of targeted noob traffic that are looking for the edu emails benefits that we can provide

One site that is still available for grabs with tons of users is Quora
– For this, first check the benefits of edu emails here – benefit

– Now, for each benefit, search that benefit on google with query (see below)

– Now, just go to these quora pages and post your answer that you provide these for cheap prices $10 for lifetime and add your facebook AND skype AND discord where people can contact you to purchase it.

– Try to answer atleast 10 questions this way and then forget about it.

– For each benefit, search like this and answer 8-10 questions.

– Now all is set. As most of the quora pages rank on first page of google for most of these searches, you’ll get tons of customers contacting you once you do the above steps.

– Sell each for $10 as even unlimited google drive space for $10 is a steal for guys who don’t know how to create an edu email

​More places to sell –

1. Fiverr

2. Redditbay

3. Pinterest (yes, no sells there, that’s why its a great platform to sell as no competition)

Now, this is just with edu emails, think about other stuff that you can even resell using that.

Also, never lose a customer. After successful deal, they’ll trust you even more. Create a discord server and invite them there.

Think of them as your golden eggs. Now, you can sell or resell them anything at 5-10x the prices here

Possibilities are endless. Good luck.


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