tails OS

tails OS

Tails OS Hi folks!

I have two or three things that are confounding me and I was trusting you all could give me your master input:

1. Carding with Tor and Tails for example: We obviously need to have javascript turned off at all times for security reasons if possible but, I’m guessing that we need to have javascript ON for certains steps when carding? I mean, to fill out forms and submit stuff? I’d like to be enlightened on that matter.

tails OS
tails OS


2. I’m reading in a few places that I should be using a VPN > Tor setup. I’m also reading somewhere else that VPN is not a good idea since “they” know your real ip if you connect to it first and it pretty much weakens your anonymity. What’s your take on that?

3. People recommend we use a pubic wifi connection to do our business but I’m reading somewhere else that public wifi is a bad idea because of CCTV and all that. What’s the real answer here? I mean, if you stay home, you’re stealthier?

4. Also, a few vpn providers and sock providers don’t support anything Linux (Debian) yet so, we can’t install their software to use proxies or vpn with Tails. I see a lot of video tutorials where people are actually using Windows. I’ve always been told to NEVER use anything Windows so, how are you guys using Tails to do your carding? Let’s say I don’t want to use windows at all.

5. If I purchase my bitcoins anonymously at an ATM that doesn’t require ID and doesn’t have a facecam. Do I really need to wash my bitcoins before spending them?

Tell me which setup you guys prefer. I would really appreciate your input on ways to improve:

laptop > Tails USB > Home WiFi > VPN > Tor > Carding

burner laptop > Tails USB > Home WiFi > Tor > Proxy > Carding

laptop > Tails USB > Home WiFi > VPN > Tor > Proxy > Carding

– burner laptop > Tails USB >home wifi > VPN> RDP> antiditect > Socks

I just want to make sure I have a pretty solid setup before “my first time”.

Thank you very much for your time!

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