The most effective method to keep PC from getting to web if your VPN crash

The most effective method to keep PC from getting to web if your VPN crash

VPN crash

keep PC from getting to web if your VPN crash

This is tiny thing, but this thing can spare you ass BIGTIME, there were not many occasions when my VPN slammed and my genuine net was pinging all sites while it was reconnecting, and this is VERY BAD thing, or some different virtual products releases or whatever, its enormous mess. I didn’t composed it myself, it will be duplicate glue from lespedeza, enjoy and be protected.

To make long story short and explanations behind utilizing Komodo Firewall behind, let me get directly to the theme.

Presently everybody is utilizing VPN nowadays, regardless of what It is PPTP, L2TP, Open VPN or whatever else. The issue happens when association is dropped and you’re completely uncovered. also To forestall that sort of a circumstance you need to totally hinder all non-VPN traffic utilizing firewall (Komodo for this situation, yet works with some other firewall too). also You must make the accompanying worldwide standard by doing the accompanying:

Komodo Firewall – > Firewall – > Network Security Policy – > Global Rules – > Add

Activity: Block

Convention: IP

Course: In/Out

Source Address: Network Zone – (You Internet Access zone, ex. home #1)

Objective Address: Exclude – IPv4 Single Address – Entry address of worker

Presently the Entry address of worker would be the distant IP of the VPN worker you’re interfacing with. Open VPN for instance will mirror that IP in *.open VPN configure document under “distant” string.

Little, yet profoundly significant extra to your security.

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