Top 10 profitable business ideas for 2022

Top 10 profitable business ideas for 2022

Top 10 profitable business ideas today I will educate you regarding new beneficial thoughts for the coming year. You can securely take and test interest, I will depict how to do this later in the article.

Welcome! Today we will break down new productive and promising business thoughts for 2022. Maybe some of them will push you to some thought, and you will think of something of your own, or open at any rate your own business.


Top 10 profitable business ideas for 2022
Top 10 profitable business ideas for 2022

Mesh filters for windows

The environment is full of insects, dust, smog and all sorts of allergens.  All this through the windows enters the house and affects our health.

The essence of this idea is to make mosquito nets from a special fabric that will not only trap insects, but also filter out 90% of dust, smog and allergens.

We managed to find manufacturers of such filtering material in the Netherlands (Poll-Tex) and in the Czech Republic (RESPILON).  The same companies produce material for protective medical masks.

As I see the algorithm for launching this business:

First of all, it is worth studying the manufacturers’ websites (we will leave links to them under the video), this will make it possible to understand what these technologies are and who has what advantages.

After you have decided on the manufacturer, its terms of sale and delivery, it is worth understanding whether there is a demand for this product and at what price the application will cost.  The simplest option is message boards.  We accept the client’s call, take the size of his windows, say that we will need to wait and write down his contacts.

After finding out the demand, we order a roll of fabric from the manufacturer at a wholesale price.  We also buy the necessary components for assembling mosquito nets (there is nothing complicated in assembling them, you can also assemble them in the garage).  When everything is on hand, we assemble the frame with our filter element according to the client’s size and send the order.

Roller Sneakers

The essence of this idea is to open a specialized store selling sneakers with rollers, for example, on Instagram.

These sneakers turn into full-fledged 4-wheel casters with one click.

Many schoolchildren, teenagers and even adults find this solution quite convenient.  Indeed, at any time, the walk can be changed to fun rides and vice versa.

In general, such a product will surely have a large audience with which it will be easy to interact, for example, through a sales page on Instagram.  We have repeatedly told how to create online stores on Instagram in previous issues.

It is best to advertise your page through young bloggers on YouTube, Insta and TikTok.

Sensory zones

Touch zones are a business that at first glance may seem technically very complex.  But if you take a closer look at it, it is easy to understand that there is nothing complicated in it.  But due to the lack of competition, it is much easier to take a leading position.

The bottom line is simple: create sensory zones for different establishments and surprise visitors.  And what a surprised client wants is to come back, see more, take pictures, share with friends.  Therefore, a good sensory area is itself an advertisement that works through a wow effect.

The zones themselves can represent passageways that respond to human movement.  These can be illuminated musical steps, drop-down flower chandeliers and rain ceilings that are impossible to get wet from.

Sweet hookah mouthpieces

This know-how is a lollipop that is put on a classic hookah mouthpiece.  They are formulated to further cool, enhance flavor and remove bad breath from smoking.

A sweet addition to the hookah will make smoking more varied.  Each lollipop flavor adds new flavors to the familiar mix.  The assortment is huge, ranging from classic berry, fruit flavors to Coca-Cola, salted caramel.  Limitations are only in your own imagination.

It is quite simple to establish the production process of such mouthpieces.  We make caramel, put it on a tube, pack it and you’re done.  The cost is cheap, and judging by the reviews of people who have tried it, the effect is significant.

You can sell sweet mouthpieces both online and directly offer an assortment of hookahs.  The main thing is correct advertising and packaging.

Bedside tables-transformers

Huge wardrobes, bedside tables for half the room do not meet the needs of customers.  We need a new and a kind of wow effect.  The criteria are met by the bedside tables-transformers.  At first glance, they are simple, ordinary lockers, but one movement and we have a whole roomy mechanism in front of us.

The bedside table satisfies two needs at once.  Convenient locker for things, from which you can get everything in one motion and a closed bedside table that protects from dust.

The transforming bedside table will be an original addition for furniture workshops.  You can sell them to stores as showcases for demonstration.  During the day everything is open and all the goods are visible, everything is closed at night.  The need to constantly hide and carry goods disappears.

Folding ladder

The staircase is an eternal problem, it often gets in the way, because of it it is not possible to move the table to another room, etc.  Therefore, why not combine business with pleasure, create a business and solve a problem.

Folding ladders are a convenient replacement for classic models.  They are sturdy, comfortable and compact.  The mechanism allows you to effortlessly fold the ladder against the wall.  Space is immediately freed up, and if necessary, it can be easily pushed back.

In Russia, such ladders are not yet widespread.  They can be immediately purchased abroad and resold locally, or you can think about making analogs on your own.

Laptop bag

In the era of the internet, technology, and freelancing, a bag and laptop desk rolled into one are ways to make big bucks.  The relevance of the product is off scale, more than half of people work and rest at their laptop.

It constantly needs to be transferred.  Now he is needed at school, then at work, then on a trip.  The table bag is a double advantageous solution.  Because it allows you to use your laptop anywhere without restrictions.

Its structure is designed in such a way that the table takes various forms.  From a small lap pad to a full table.

All you need to implement an idea is to buy a product and resell it, or create your own analogue.

Children’s costumes transformers

One of the most monetary industries is the niche of baby products.  The assortment is huge, from rattles to full-fledged models of spaceships that fly.  Children’s costumes for transformers are an opportunity to occupy a separate, unoccupied niche.

Children will be delighted with such costumes, because they will be able to fully embody their fantasies.  Not only show yourself as transformers, but also turn into cars and planes.

There is also nothing super complicated in their creation.  For example, the costumes that you see in the photo are generally made at home from cardboard. Top 10 profitable business ideas.

Growing clothing

One thing for a long time.  For children between the ages of 1 and 3, this seems impossible because children grow up quickly.  They have to buy new things every six months.

A new concept – an innovative fabric that grows with the child.  The creator of the fabric claims that by 2030, such clothing will become an integral part of children’s fashion.  It will allow parents to save money during the main period of the child’s growth.

Quite a promising business option for the near future.  It is likely that such a “growing” fabric will become widespread and trendy.

Smoke light for exhaust pipe

Another monetary niche is the car tuning niche.  Car owners often spend a lot of money to upgrade their iron horses.

The essence of this idea is in the resale and installation of special light nozzles on the exhaust pipes of cars.  The nozzle illuminates the smoke and gives the impression that the car is driving with nitro acceleration.

Many car owners want to make their car beautiful, racing, so high-quality lighting will not remain without demand.

You can find an audience for such a product in thematic publics.


I will not describe the implementation methods, since there have been many articles on this topic up to creating your own website and making money on it.

Therefore, take any idea and upgrade to fit your capabilities and circumstances.

Good luck!

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