Which virtual machine is best used for carding?

Which virtual machine is best used for carding?

Which virtual machine is best used for carding? Software for carder is a very important part of his work, because it is on it that convenience and success of work depends. Almost every Carding Forum has hundreds, sometimes thousands, of reports of controversy about which program is best for a particular task.

One of the big parts is virtual machines. In this article, we will break down the main types of virtual machine software or virtualization for carder and the main features of their use.

Which virtual machine is best used for carding?
Which virtual machine is best used for carding?

Virtual machines

The virtual machine is the «computer inside the computer» emulator. It allows most operations to be performed on a computer other than its own – substituting its real data for  completely different ones. This improves anonymity.

In addition, the virtual machine allows you to control outgoing traffic – it will still pass through your

main computer, which will allow you to know what is transmitting information about you to where.

There are a lot of options among virtual machines. If you use Windows, you can use Oracle VM, or Vmware. However, using Windows for carding is a dangerous idea, as the system is not anonymous at all. Using Linux allows for greater anonymity.

KVM, Virtualbox, also Qemu are the best for carding. KVM that should be disassembled separately, because it has the ability to fine-tune and completely reassembly, which is extremely useful in carding.

The KVM itself is the most powerful virtualization tool that allows you to emulate any computer technology, from a normal  computer to an entire server. Using it allows you to completely confuse any detergent system – it can transfer

into its data what you, for example, enter from the server version of Debian, even though you actually use a regular computer.

KVM can work with any distribution of Windows and *nix systems. Other virtualization tools such as XEN or Qemu are also available on KVM.

What needs to be tuned for carding?

For carding in this case, you need to configure your firewall, which will not allow unnecessary traffic and

will deanonymize you. The firewall is better configured on a virtual machine, and on your main pc, it will allow you to control absolutely all traffic.

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