Why shouldn’t work in Russia?

Why shouldn’t work in Russia?

Why shouldn’t work in Russia? Small pros and huge cons of carder work in Russia

It seems like carding is easier where you live. You know the language, you know the characteristics of the banks and you don’t have to look for specific stores – you can do vbv right there. However, as the experience of people who are filled with every carding forum says – to work «where you eat» is not worth.

In this article we will consider the pros and cons of Russia and Russian banks for carding. It is worth noting that most of the comments are equivalent for the whole CIS.

Why shouldn’t work in Russia?
Why shouldn’t work in Russia?



First – about pros

There are more than 100 banks of different sizes in Russia. The carder among them has a place where runs wild – some have a rather weak protection and work with almost

all the stores without confirmation, and some are so large that it is easy to get lost among them. Besides, the large number of credit cards allows to earn a carder without problems.

Also, cards of Russian banks are easier to obtain – you can find both copy and data of originals on the carding forums. There are quite a lot of them on the market because of the weak computer literacy of the vast majority of the population.

Banking systems in Russia also have high confidence in the user. For example, Sberbank allows inter-bank transfers with little difficulty, rarely requiring additional telephone confirmations.

Next – about cons

The main problem is you’re much easier to spot. In Russia, banks actively cooperate with the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which have easy access to cellular

operators’ databases, and new laws like the «Yarovaya’s Package» and threaten to cover Russia for carding once and for all.

In addition, wages in Russia are quite low, and people do not use bank transfers very often – in some regions the

cash is much more input than the transfer of money from the account to the account. This puts «cross» on large

transfers – first of all, you can be hindered by the limits and the attention of the bank to large transfers from 20-50

thousand, and second of all by the low number of them. You won’t go unnoticed, especially if you’re buying off from a retirement card.

In general, almost every scheme conducted within a country has many problems – card owners react fairly quickly to changes in

the account (especially with SMS-alerts), and fast communication between regions allows catching the drop in the shortest time after the transfer, even if he’s on the other side of the country.

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