Why you need a burner-SIM/phone in 2022

Why you need a burner SIM/phone in 2022

Okay, guys. Today, we’ll update you on burner sim/phones so you understand what they are and why carders should invest in one (or more) based on their 2022 goals.

A burner is an inexpensive, short-term phone. This implies you can discard your burner sim/phone when it’s “burned” or unsafe.

Burner phones offer tremendous privacy. Mobile sim cards and phones (with sim cards) can be purchased with prepaid minutes and no commitment. Why you need a burner-SIM/phone

Why you need a burner-SIM/phone

However, as a carder you should also know that burner phones aren’t the only option to use when it comes to protect your privacy while carding as there is also an option to use virtual or disposable phone numbers offered by different apps BUT this is 2021 and with corona crisis the only option available is to shop online so the online stores are constantly beefing up their security because now they see their online sales soar through the roof.

Its no surprise, with additional security comes additional restrictions for carders to go through and resolve, many “online stores are now able to catch online VOIP numbers that those apps offer” as its being built inside the tools that digital mapping companies such as Maxmind, IP2Location, Similty, Kount, SEON, Riskifield, Neustar. Precharge, Iovation, Forter, CyberSource so on and so.


Your mobile phone number is “ALWAYS” used as unique identifier, which connect your activity data across multiple databases.

Additionally, you don’t use the same privacy requirements for your phone number as you do for your social security number and credit card numbers do you?

In general, most people share their phone numbers more easily. This is the reason why the privacy of phone numbers is a major security issue. Why you need a burner-SIM/phone

The fact that you pay for your burner sim/phone with BTC instead of using a PayPal/Credit Card, nor that you sign any contract with the service provider mean “service providers don’t have any record connecting you with the phone number” in case when things go south.


Why you need a burner-SIM/phone

When you believe your number has been compromised, you can just get rid of your burner sim/phone and start using a new one, which will provide you with a new number setting new privacy and new identity.

From the technical point of view, a burner sim is a prepaid sim-card. However, burner sim and prepaid phones aren’t totally the same thing.

You can use your burner sim specifically for one purpose and then recycle it. Prepaid or prepay phones are mobile devices for which credit is purchased in advance of service use and you throw away the whole phone after using it.

The main advantages offered by both burner sim & phone is privacy protection and a separate number to be used for business purposes. Why you need a burner-SIM/phone

So, if you’re going to be taking carding as a serious profession you MUST be concerned about your privacy as well as your carding need to have a few burner sims in stock and a phone to use those sim in.

Why you need a burner-SIM/phone

“NEVER use a burner sim in your personal phone or your personal sim in a burner phone, as phone companies might cross-reference your data to identify you!”

Good Luck, see you on the other side!

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