Wish.com Method 2022 Safe Way

Wish.com Method 2022 Safe Way

Wish.com Method 2022 Safe Way

Wish.com Method 2022 Safe Way
Wish.com Method 2022 Safe Way
1. First, we must clone Wish through App Cloner, activating the following options; Change Android ID, Change IMEI / IMSI, Hide SIM and carrier information, and Change WI-FI MAC address.
2. We will clone and install the modified APK.
3. We proceed to create an account in the Wish app, we will use an email Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
4. We look for what we want to buy, and we proceed to add it to the cart.
(TIP: To make it look like you are a real customer use coupons for discounts, we will use the code: CFBHVSTG)
5. Next, we put a false address, and we add the live one, it is very important that the owner of the account put it.
6. We will proceed to the payment, it will give us the ruling of “We could not process your payment” if this is the case, we will simply click on the button to change the payment method, and we will select the same live and pay again.
7. You will give us the payment confirmation, Congratulations!

Notes, Tricks, and Tips;

When giving the confirmation, if in the order details it is in: “It will be processed no later than the 20th day” it is a 100% ship.
If it is in “Processing order” it is banned. (7)
It should be noted that everything is done with data.
In case we get the “EPA!” means IP ban, to solve it change IP. (6)
To create the account, we can use the “.” And the “+”.
To extract lives from the extrapolation, we will create an Amazon MX account, we will go to the “Payment methods” section from there we will add the generated CCs, from there we will try to buy Amazon Prime with the same associated cards until you test Amazon Prime, the card I give you the test with is the live card

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