Xbox & PS4 consoles, games, accessories

Xbox & PS4 Consoles, Games, Accessories

Xbox & ps4 consoles games accessories

Xbox & ps4 consoles games accessories

In this Method I will share my cardable website for XBOX, PLAYSTATION 4, NINTENDO, SEGA, HANDHELD (Games, Accessories, Systems).
First off, start your carding setup (fraudfox/antidetect, socks5, vpn etc..)

So to get started the website we are going to use is a website called LukieGames

Firstly you need to find something you want to buy, I will choose GTA V for XBOX and Add it to Cart:

Then go to cart and click on Checkout Now:

After that you will be asked to enter your shipping information, put yours in it (Drop Address).
After filling your information click on:

After that you will be asked to select shipping method, I’ve chosen budget shipping to make it look more convincing:

In the Billing Address I have selected “My Billing Information is same as Shipping”.
If you use Public CC (Same Shipping Address as Billing)
If you use Private CC (Ship=Yours, Bill=CC)

If the CC is valid and has balance you should receive a confirmation email that you order is Processing and after 1 day your order will be shipped.


You can also buy instant:


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