What is a TAN?

What is a TAN?

What is a TAN?
What is a TAN?


The number, the name of the owner, the validity period and CVV are not all that is needed for carding. For some reason, this topic is rarely raised in carding forums, but most banks have a huge number of additional protections, one of which is TAN. It’s almost impossible to get around it without social engineering, and many banks already cancel operations without confirmation. In this article, I’m going to talk about protective words and how to get them.

What is that?

TAN, Magic Word, code word or serial number – special words, combinations of numbers and letters that are required to confirm a transfer, purchase or close an account.

Different methods can be used depending on the country and the bank. In Russia and the United Kingdom, these are code words such as the mother’s maiden name, in Germany, France, Belgium, and Sweden – combinations of numbers and symbols that are given to the bank user together with the receipt of the card.

The hardest option for a carder is TANs, as it is impossible to guess. They are about 100-200 combinations under

the protective layer, each of which has its own sequential number. A certain combination, which is the security code, is requested

when the operation is validated. It’s a one-time thing, and the query is completely randomized.

When do you need them?

All such confirmations are required only if you are making in a particularly suspicious transaction – for example, a purchase above

or near the limit, or multiple purchases in a row from the same card in different stores. In that case, the bank will call the owner itself, block the transaction and ask for its confirmation.

Carder should not allow this – this will deprive you of all benefits of action and will block the card for further fraud.

How do you avoid using them or get them?

Avoiding their use is simple – do not make huge purchases that require similar confirmation. Take into account the limits of the operation in the bank and do not approach it.

If you need a word, also get it from the owner. If you have his number (for example, you have recognized it by means of bank transfers on a card),

call him and to introduce yourself for him as an employee of the bank. Tell him to stop the operation need name a code word. There are many difficulties in this way – you must have the language of the bank card holder and be able to play well.

TANs is a lot harder to pull out. First, you will need a specific number, and the time to enter it is limited – you will need to call

the owner and enter it in time, and the owner may not be ready to name it, because the card is not always available. Second, the TANs is not usually asked on the phone, and the owner may know about it.

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