A Plan Involving Physical Credit Cards

A Plan Involving Physical Credit Cards

A Plan Involving Physical Credit Cards

Howdy. I’m a 18 year old average young person from Amman, Jordan hoping to make a touch of money to help myself and my family monetarily for a possibility at a superior life. I thought perhaps you could help me.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: get Israeli dumps (preferably with pins), have AlphaCVV on Empire clone them onto a card and ship it to me (he offers this service and he seems trusted), wear scarves around my face and cashout in ATMs here in my city (Amman, Jordan).

From what I understand, dumps cloned onto an empty card can be used for swiping in store but dumps with pin can be used for ATM withdrawals.

If that is too risky can I cover my face then cashout using ATMs in countries that oppose Israel? Like Turkey, Brunei, Lebanon, Algeria, etc…

VERY IMPORTANT: the dumps need to be of Israeli origin for moral and ethical reasons. Fuck Israel. How hard is it to find Israeli dumps? With pin?

I only found one vendor on Empire who looks alright (4900 sales with a 4.76 rating on Dream, currently has 770 sales with a 4.58 rating on Empire) called SATAII selling worldwide dumps for $25 and worldwide dumps+pin for $250.

Is there a proper big shop outside empire, maybe something that exclusively deals with carding where I can get reliable high balance Israeli dumps or dumps+pin?


Hey, I really like your reasoning for doing this! Go you!
I may be able to help out your situation, I have to warn you, NOBODY will sell dumps+pin for $250.
It simply won’t happen. So be REALLY careful before you go out and spend a lot of money, finding out it’s a scam.

I wish you the best of luck in the future!

them myself straight from a friend of mine, as far as I know he has Israeli too.
I dont know the price for Israeli dumps, but I pay 200 Euro for europeans.


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