Advice on anonymity

Advice on anonymity

Anonymity is the main things in carding

Advice on anonymity Keeping your anonymity in a carding is keeping your freedom. We’re all used to communicating online – messengers and social media are the habit of our lives. But there are certain rules in working communication that must be observed for your freedom. In this article, I will discuss some cases where your anonymity may be violated.

Don’t give anyone «extra» information

If then you’re working with vbiv, don’t tell anyone about yourself. Don’t mention your name, age or birthday. Never talk about where you’re going, even about. All of this could be a thread to your deanonymization and subsequent arrest.

In darknet must always be careful with real information, and any thing, even a seemingly insignificant thing, can rat you.

Advice on anonymity
Advice on anonymity


Do not download unknown files

Get «Trojan» in our time – very and also very easy. It can also hide under anything – even in a regular file format . or doc.txt. The consequences for an ordinary person are often insignificant – it usually ends with the hidden installation of a miner or other virus. For a carder, it’s a huge trouble that will easily lead to deanonymization.

Download files only from verified sources and use virus-resistant systems such as *nix-based private builds.

Protect your data

Never be afraid to be too careful. also Use cryptographers like Bestkrypt to protect data on your hard disk, use PGP keys and follow the news in the field of infosecurity. then It is often for carding forums to publish new breakthroughs discovered by intelligence officers and cases of carder capture, usually published on how a person was identified. also Don’t think you’ll get over the problem. also Do not think that the problem will bypass you – it is worth it to be safe anyway.

Do not visit one and the same sites from your desktop and regular computer

The same is true for VPN and also dedicated servers – sites leave fingerprints, and if you accidentally log from one IP to the store’s site and into your social networks, you will most likely be identified. Be careful when visiting websites – all of them store information and will most likely give you away at the first request of the services.

Doing carding, remember that any stage of this work is potentially dangerous to you, and your safety is only in your hands.  Never hope to Russian phrase «try your luck».

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