Tumblr Jacking Method

Tumblr Jacking Method

Tumblr Jacking Method

1. Go to so you can search for a trademark name ( you will need this for later )

2. Search for the Tumblr name you would want on
3. Find a trademark on that word such as hack forums etc, just make sure that Tumblr does not already have an account of the trademarked word

Tumblr Jacking Method

4. Look at the details of the trademark, create a fake email and impersonate the trademarks company
6. Tell the provider you speaking to that you own the Trademark and you want your URL for your company and that no one can impersonate you, provide them with the trademark information. example of what you should say

[Dear Sir/Madam.

My Name is James and I am contacting you on behalf of <registered company name>. We’re currently undergoing a social media upgrade for our company and noticed that our trademarked name has already been taken on your website. Is there any way we will be able to obtain this URL through your support?

Below is our Trademark information of said term/name. ] [ thank vdub for this line ]

7. in a few days you will get an email from Tumblr that should give you the URL

This works 70% of the time
reply if you need more help or a more detailed tutorial
hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and keep on the watch for more HQ tutorials from me

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